10 Things You Didn’t Know about Avery Pohl

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Avery Pohl

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Avery Pohl

Whenever General Hospital introduces a new character, the world is eager to find out who they are, what they’re doing, when they appeared, where they came from, and why. This was especially true when the young woman Esme Prince showed up, burning things down and leaving an air of mystery around her character. Fortunately, Esme is as charming as she is conniving, and her name is Avery Pohl—a newcomer to the soaps. As a result, you might not know much about her, so let us fill you in on everything you need to know.

1. She is into Dentistry

When summer 2019 rolled around – and the world was still a relatively normal place to live – she was a dental assistant based in Florida. She had previously been in LA working and guest-starring in some amazing primetime shows, but she had decided to spend the summer in Florida.

2. She is a Trained Ballerina

Ballet is such an exquisite form of movement. Avery Pohl, a gifted ballerina, was invited to perform with the Leigh Purtill Ballet Company in 2018. Not everyone is fortunate enough to receive an invitation to join a professional company, but Avery was able to do just that.

3. She’s Average

But she’s very good at it. Don’t worry – we didn’t say she’s average. She said it herself. In fact, her Instagram biography literally states, “Extraordinary in being average”, which is, quite honestly, a lot of work. So, while she may not be anything near average, she feels pretty average – and she feels fantastic about it.

4. She’s Often the Scary Character

She plays characters that often have a bit of a dark side. She has starred in a lot of horror movies, showing a clear preference for this type of role. However, with more experience, we imagine she will branch out and explore other roles. She has already achieved a lot, even if her characters usually tend to be less than ideal people.

5. She Doesn’t Love Horror Movies

Ironic, isn’t it? She stars in so many of them that one might assume she loves a horror flick, but one would have been wrong. She doesn’t love a horror movie. She likes a good movie, but she is quick to point out that she was always afraid to watch them growing up. She’s gotten used to them, however, and now considers herself a horror film fan.

6. She’s a Stunt Trained Actress

Many people will not perform their own stunts, but she is no ordinary person. She is highly trained in doing her own stunts and fearlessly takes them on. If you see her doing anything impressive on the screen, you can be sure she is willing to take it on solo.

7. She’s Trained in Stage Combat

If you see her in a fight scene, it’s undoubtedly her. She has trained heavily in stage combat, and it has been to her great benefit. She has taken the time to prepare for tasks like this that really set her apart from the rest, and she finds it incredibly exciting.

8. She’s Excited to Give Daytime a Whirl

She is incredibly excited to give daytime television a try, and she is thrilled to share her journey with her fans. She may not be able to tell us much about her new character and what she has in store, but we can expect it to be dramatic and highly entertaining. It always is on daytime television.

9. She’s Not Very Active on Instagram

She has an account with some followers, but it’s the ninth month of the year and she has only posted three photos to her timeline over the course of the entire year. She’s on the gram posting stories here and there, but not overly active.

10. She Likes Her Privacy

She’s a young woman who values her privacy. She doesn’t divulge everything in her life. She doesn’t make us all aware of what she’s up to every moment of every single day. She likes to live her life; go to work, make friends, and share a few things here and there, but she prefers to keep some things to herself, which is a good thing in a world where everyone seems to share too much all the time.General Hospital

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