10 Interesting Things About Gavin Leatherwood

10 Interesting Things About Gavin Leatherwood

credit: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Since his breakthrough role in 2018, Gavin Leatherwood has gathered a fanbase quicker than anyone can count. Whether it’s his ever-increasing online crushes and fans or those in admiration of his performances so far, Gavin Leatherwood has proven he’s not a talent to be easily forgotten.

Yet, there’s a lot more about the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actor than we see on television. These are 10 interesting facts about Gavin Leatherwood you may need to play catch-up on.

1. Gavin Leatherwood’s Breakthrough Role

A good way to get started, especially for those not familiar with his works, is the series that brought him fame. 2018 was a busy year for the actor, notwithstanding he made his debut on television a year before. However, nothing, absolutely nothing, came close to giving Leatherwood fame like playing Nicholas Scratch.

Leatherwood embodied the character of Nicholas Scratch. Although he only had recurring appearances in parts 1 & 2, his flirty personality, as well as his romantic interest in Sabrina, was enough to endear fans.

2. Gavin Leatherwood’s Feature in Other Popular TV Series

Before landing the role of Nicholas Scratch, Leatherwood had starred in two top TV series, NCIS and Grown-ish. In 2017, he starred in the fifteenth episode, Pandora’s Box (Part 1), in the fourteenth season of NCIS as Dezic’s son. In 2018, he played Pete in the seventh episode, Un-Break My Heart, in the first season of Grown-ish.

3. Gavin Leatherwood Also Has a Musical Career

When Leatherwood is not thrilling fans with his impressive acting talents, he’s a super-talented artist with released singles and an EP. In the past, Leatherwood once worked with Boom Forest Music, Gavin McDonald, and Thomas Dutton.

In 2021, Leatherwood released two singles, with his debut single, Just For Tonight, released in February. By October, he dropped another single, Driftwood Mermaid, for his increasing fans. His third single, Be My Lover, was released in April 2022, with his debut EP, Moonlighting, also dropping that same year in October.

4. Leatherwood’s Last Role on Television

10 Interesting Things About Gavin Leatherwood

credit: The Sex Lives of College Girls

With Chilling Adventures of Sabrina coming to an end with its cancellation by Netflix, fans caught up with the actor in his next TV series, The Sex Lives of College Girls. In the HBO Max comedy-drama series, Leatherwood plays the character of Nico Murray. The actor was part of the series’ main cast. The Sex Lives of College Girls is created by Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble.

5. Gavin Leatherwood’s Debut Television Film

Leatherwood’s first and only television film at the moment is Bad Therapy. Before this, all acting was solely in TV series. Although the actor doesn’t get to play a lead role, playing the character of Spit was a great way to get started.

6. Gavin Leatherwood’s Relationship

If there’s one aspect of his life that fans are always itching to know, it has to be his dating life. However, not much is known about his love life. He’s either still single or has mastered the art of keeping his love life secret, away from the ever-watchful eyes of the public.

7. Leatherwood’s Childhood

The actor was born on June 7, 1994, in Maui, Hawaii. However, he was raised in California. Leatherwood moved to Oregon around the time he was eighteen. He has a sister, Chloe Leatherwood, and a step-sister, Sophia Baltzer, from his mother’s second marriage.

8. Gavin Leatherwood Has Both Native American and European Ancestry

The actor has a mix of native American and different European roots. He’s got English, Scottish, Irish, German, Welsh, as well as Hispanic ancestry.

10 Interesting Things About Gavin Leatherwood

credit: @gavinleatherwood

9. He Plays a Variety of Musical Instruments

When it comes to talent, Leatherwood has plenty of it. Besides acting and having a musical career, Leatherwood is skilled in playing the piano, ukulele, and guitar.

10. He is Active on Social Media

One of the reasons he’s been able to garner a huge following is because of his social media presence. He’s active on TikTok (@gavinleatherwood4), where he makes skits with his co-stars. On Twitter his handle is @gtleatherwood, and @gavinleatherwood on Instagram. Looking for more content from the actor? You can catch him on either one of these social media accounts.

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