Grownish: A Closer Look at the Cast Members of the Black-ish Spinoff

Grownish: A Closer Look at the Cast Members of the Black-ish Spinoff

Grownish: A Closer Look at the Cast Members of the Black-ish Spinoff

Grownish, a spinoff of the popular show Black-ish, can be seen as a revenge of the parents story. It highlights how kids often don’t realize the comforts of living at home until they’re no longer there. As Zoey, the eldest daughter from the original show, heads off to college, she discovers the challenges of the real world, where she must pay her own way and be responsible for herself 24/7. This coming-of-age experience is something many of us can relate to when we first moved out of our parents’ home.

Let’s dive into the lives of the cast members who bring this story to life.

Jordan Buhat: The Newcomer

Jordan Buhat is relatively new to the industry, but he’s already proving to be a great addition to the show. Despite being one of the least experienced actors on the set, he’s been on point since his first appearance and shows promise for a bright future in the acting world.

Chris Parnell: The Seasoned Comedian

Chris Parnell has been in the industry since the 80s, and although people may need to be reminded of him from time to time, he has an extensive list of film and TV credits. He’s played a variety of roles throughout his career, often as a supporting actor rather than the leading man. As an SNL alum, he’s genuinely funny and never fails to bring a level of comedy to anything he does, making him a perfect fit for Grownish.

Emily Arlook: On the Rise

Emily Arlook has been in the industry for several years, but her fame is still growing. Grownish could be the opportunity she needs to propel her career forward. Currently, she’s also starring in another production that’s still in the filming process.

Deon Cole: The Versatile Talent

Deon Cole has the looks and build to make you laugh or star in an action film. He had a recurring role in Black-ish, so his transition to Grownish is a smooth one. He’s also appeared in another show called All About the Washingtons.

Francia Raisa: The Familiar Face

If Francia Raisa looks familiar, you might have seen her in Bring It On: All or Nothing, where she played Leti, a fierce young Latina with little patience. She’s had a solid career so far, and interestingly, she donated a kidney to her friend Selena Gomez, showcasing her inspiring and selfless nature.

Trevor Jackson: The Multi-Talented Star

Trevor Jackson is not just an actor but also a singer. He’s maintained a stable career over the years and was even featured in the recent film Superfly.

Yara Shahidi: The Leading Lady

For Yara Shahidi, her role in Grownish is a natural transition from Black-ish. As the star and main character of the spinoff, she has the opportunity to prove her ability to lead a show and solidify her place in the industry. Her career has been hitting some impressive milestones lately, including a voice role in the children’s film Smallfoot.

Many parents dread the day their kids go off to college and start making their own way in the world. However, this experience is often a positive one, as it not only forces young adults to grow up and become independent but also helps them discover the kind of people they want to become.

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