Scorpion Season 2 Episode 13 Review: “White Out”

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 13 Review: “White Out”


After a long winter break, Team Scorpion is back in business. The team has to go to the South Pole to set up an antenna so that a signal can be sent to drones that will fly towards the Marrah Mountains in North Eastern Africa. That’s where Captain Cody Decker of the Special Forces and his team are located, as they all attempt to take down a genocidal warlord in this week’s episode of Scorpion.

I thought that Happy was going to freeze to death when she got separated from the rest of the team and fell into the chasm when she, Toby, Walter, and Agent Gallo were about to head back to the hut to grab heat packs to make boiling water that would help hold the antenna poles in place after being frozen. Had Toby not found her and kept her warm with his body heat and sleeping bag, there would be yet another character death on Scorpion this season. I wasn’t too surprised when Toby decided to go look for Happy in the raging blizzard. Walter tried to stop him, but the shrink told the genius that he would do the same thing if it was Paige stuck out there in the storm. That’s love for you.

Speaking of the engineering prodigy, it’s interesting to see Happy Quinn try to be a more open and positive person, even if she is following the tips in Quincy Berkstead’s book, much to the dismay of the resident shrink. I’m glad that Happy is trying to be more positive toward certain things rather than be her normal mean and sarcastic self.

I’m also glad to see Walter taking his late sister’s advice and trying his best at being more social, although his methods seem to be a bit off-track when he took his New Year’s Resolution online. Walter O’Brien, you’re supposed to be making more real friends, like Ray, not ones that you interact with in Cyberspace like the Kardashians!

Some amusing parts in this episode were the scene when Toby came into the garage with a bag of bagels and started throwing them to each member of the team. Paige asked Agent Gallo why he has high blood pressure when the agent is in good shape. After being hit on the head with a bagel (thanks, Toby), the Homeland agent looked at the team liaison and went, “You were saying?” Another amusing aspect in this episode was when Toby made a bet with Agent Gallo to get the latter to stop drinking coffee for one day. Guess who won the bet?

I felt a bit sympathetic toward the Homeland agent for having to put up with someone like Toby. However, I guess, in a way, Agent Gallo is like the father figure to the team, making sure that they don’t get into trouble, giving them advice when they need it and reprimanding them when they made a mistake or two.

Back to the mission, it was nice of Ralph to send a Fall Out Boy song to Captain Decker to keep his mind off of the fact that he and his team were in for certain death. The boy genius also helped the good captain record a parting message to his family in case he didn’t make it back from Africa. The message turned out to be unnecessary when the drones made it to the captain’s location in time for him and his team to make their way back toward their truck.

I was amazed that heat packs can be used to create warm air when Walter used the MRE heat pouches to make said air to warm up Toby and Happy. I was equally amazed that Director Cooper was able to threaten the Chairman of the joint chiefs with his missing family cat in order to get a chopper sent out to bring the rest of Team Scorpion back from Antarctica. Nobody messes with Roz, nobody!

The ending scene where Paige built a makeshift camping site on the roof was a very nice touch. The snow that Walter brought back for Ralph from Antarctica was very sweet of him, and I snickered when Happy asked Toby if he wanted to share a tent together and rendered the mouthy shrink speechless for once. When Ralph threw a snowball at Toby, it erupted into an all-out snowball fight filled with laughter (well, except for Sylvester who crawled into a nearby tent to get away from being hit). Nothing like a warm and fuzzy scene to warm the heart.

[Photo credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS]

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