What We Know about The Boys Spinoff So Far

What We Know about The Boys Spinoff So Far

So far there isn’t that much known about The Boys coming spin-off other than the fact that it will feature the same production team that made the last two seasons so great and will be focusing on teenage superheroes that will be attending America’s one and only college for supers that will allow the young and upcoming individuals to test their powers in a variety of ways and will also test their morality in a big way since the college is run and owned by Vought, the same company that makes the supers that have been seen in the show already. Apart from that, there’s been no news on any casting decisions or even whether or not there will be any cameos from those in the core show, but it does make sense to think that there might be a few. Obviously, The Boys has been going off in a big enough way that those in charge felt that it was time to take off with a spin-off that could help to bolster the show or possibly take a cue from the parent show and come up with an idea as to how the supers really started out. In this manner, it’s likely that we’re going to see another bit of success or a short-lived attempt at something that might have sounded good on paper but doesn’t translate well to the screen.

There have been plenty of ideas like this and there are plenty still coming since as I’ve harped on it more than once, this is the era of remakes, reboots, sequels, and of course, spin-offs. None of these ideas are new, as they’ve been used in the past and are bound to keep being used in the future, but while some of them are great successes, others have been bitter failures that made people wonder just what in the heck those behind the camera were thinking about. This idea of supers going to college initially feels like something that a person might have thought up while in a pot-induced haze, but it’s not the worst idea to ever come down the pipeline. It does have some merit and it could be the beginning of an epidemic in this type of world since the fact that supers are manufactured and not necessarily born all the time is a scandal waiting to happen since it’s already been seen that the idea of making someone into a superhero with a formula can and usually is abused in a very big way. The fact of supers being created as well as being born as a result of those being turned into supers procreating is kind of troubling since it means that the world could soon be overrun, and it could also be that Homelander might find that his spot at the top of the heap isn’t a stable as he thought.

But thinking of younger heroes in the making attending college, that’s even scarier since if anyone remembers what they were like when they were still in their teens then they might get the idea of why having superpowers at that point would have been a very bad thing.  A lot of kids in college are still fairly hormonal since some haven’t grown up all the way and others choose not to. What this means unfortunately is that decision-making capabilities, morals, and ethics are still foreign concepts to some folks that might not be seen as much of a factor when talking about whether they should or shouldn’t do something. For those that have been to college in the past, it’s easy to figure out that a lot of us have done a few questionable things when we were younger, or at the very least very dumb things that we might regret now that we’re older. Imagine doing said things with the kind of power that supers in The Boys have, and then imagine how much of a mess it would be in a college atmosphere. Oh yeah, it would get hairy pretty quickly, and it would almost require people like Billy Butcher or other supers to calm things down since otherwise there wouldn’t be much of a college left by the time even one class graduated.

It will be interesting to see if this idea can do as well as the parent show and if it’s bound to gain the same kind of attention that the first two seasons of The Boys has, but that’s a pretty high bar to meet. An R-rated group of superheroes was definitely a different idea to push, but one has to realize that if superhero movies and shows were more like the comics that a lot of them would be rated R at this point and The Boys would have likely been less impactful. Hopefully, the spin-off can cash in on this idea.

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