You Gotta Give Logan Paul Credit for His Marketing Skills

You Gotta Give Logan Paul Credit for His Marketing Skills

You Gotta Give Logan Paul Credit for His Marketing Skills

Celebrating Logan Paul for his marketing skills is about all anyone should be celebrating the controversial YouTuber for since from one bit of content to another it’s not a wonder why the Paul brothers have become so famous, it’s simply a wonder how there are so many individuals out there that think these two are amusing at all. The idea of Logan Paul fighting Mike Tyson is something that many people would shake their heads at since even with the fact that he’s been retired since 2005, it’s not hard to imagine Tyson feeding Paul a KO unless of course, the fight is just as rigged as the Mayweather fight was a short time ago. The overall impression is that Floyd Mayweather Jr. wasn’t out to hurt Paul in the least bit, since watching the fight made this pretty obvious. But a lot of people who paid for the fight felt absolutely cheated since they were there to see Paul finally get his comeuppance and get planted on the mat. So far it doesn’t sound as though Tyson is willing and ready to take on either of the Paul brothers, but perhaps that’s a good thing.

There’s looking good, and then there’s actually being good, which is something that many boxers that have spent their time in the ring know. In fact, it’s something that anyone who’s ever been an athlete knows. You can do the work to get the muscles and look good, you can diet and make sure that your vanity is pumped and your ego inflated, but once a person steps inside any given ring, technique, mastery, and experience usually trump those who want to look good. This is why Tyson would destroy either of the Paul brothers if he was allowed to simply lay into them in an actual match. This is also why the Paul brothers taking on the opponents they’ve challenged isn’t quite as impressive since if they were to take on those boxers who are in their prime and are fully ready to dish out the pain, they would lose.

Even better would be to see either Paul brother step into an MMA ring and see how quickly they’d be forced to tap or how fast they’d go down to a ground and pound offense. They aren’t athletes, and their marketing skills are far better than their skill in the ring. Many believe the Mayweather fight was a joke, and after watching highlights of the bout it’s easy to see that most fans are right. Let’s go ahead and say it, Rocky Balboa is a better boxer than Jake or Logan Paul, and he’s a fictional fighter that took multiple shots to the head before finally winning. Their ability to drum up interest among the people to see them fight aged and retired athletes isn’t that impressive, but it’s obvious enough to keep the money rolling in since, for one reason or another, people can’t appear to get enough of these two clowns as they continue to post controversial material and do and say what they want. People feed on this stuff for some reason and consider them to be entertaining, which is indicative of how standards have lowered over the years. From being disrespectful to being less than sincere and even egotistical in a way that’s simply unprecedented, the Paul brothers are perhaps one of the worst acts to come ever hit YouTube.

But trying to convince others of this is tough since many people happen to think that they’re funny, they’re witty, and for one reason or another, the things they say and do are worth paying to see. It’d be easy to agree that watching Tyson put Logan Paul on his back or on his face with a few well-placed punches would be great. especially after hearing how Logan ‘went the distance’ with Mayweather. In the eyes of many people, the bout was a badly performed joke that didn’t deserve to take place in a boxing ring, but the person pulling the strings behind it all, Logan Paul, has in fact found a way to get people to dance to his tune, and like lemmings, people follow after.

It would be nice to think that one of these days that Logan and Jake Paul will get a serious dose of karma unloaded on them, but the wait is kind of interminable for some folks, and likely as not it won’t come in the form of Mike Tyson. The aging boxer happens to think that the Paul brothers are entertaining and if a bout did happen it’s likely that it would go the same way that the Mayweather bout did. Both boxers no doubt know that they could seriously damage either brother in the ring, which is why they won’t. If the Paul brothers don’t realize this and think that they can actually go the distance based on their own skill levels, then they’re not quite as bright as some people think.

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