The Untold Story of Johnny Depp’s Mother Betty Sue Palmer

The Untold Story of Johnny Depp’s Mother Betty Sue Palmer
The Untold Story of Johnny Depp’s Mother Betty Sue Palmer

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Despite being one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood, Johnny Depp has gone through a lot. Failed marriages, failed relationships and engagements, a public trial to clear his name after being accused of abusing his ex-wife; he’s been through it all. Though he walked away from his lawsuit against his ex-wife, not guilty of abusing her, his life was displayed. His own children were forced to hear the stories their father likely never wanted them to hear, and it was a difficult time. But, it turns out that Johnny Depp’s life was difficult before he was famous. Johnny Depp’s mother wasn’t exactly mother of the year, and he’s opened up about their relationship.

Who is Johnny Depp’s Mother?

When Johnny Depp faced Amber Heard in the courtroom following accusations of abuse, he was set to clear his name. The defamation trial was heard worldwide, and it included stories about Johnny Depp’s mother and father. Though he rarely speaks of his own parents, we learned a lot about them during the trial. Johnny Depp’s mother is Betty Sue Palmer. Betty was born and raised in Kentucky in 1935. When Depp first began making money as an actor, he bought his mother a horse farm in her home state.

It sounds as if she is a lovely woman, but Johnny Depp’s older sister says this is not the case. While speaking to Depp’s lawyer during the 2022 trial, Depp’s sister claimed their mother was abusive, volatile, unstable, and a host of other unflattering adjectives. She claims their mother was abusive to the children and to their father, John Christopher Depp, with whom she shares four children. Their marriage ended when Johnny was only 15. Betty Sue Palmer would go on to marry Robert Palmer. Betty Sue Palmer died in 2016.

The Untold Story of Johnny Depp’s Mother Betty Sue Palmer

Credit: @johnnydepp

Johnny Depp’s Mother Was Abusive

It wasn’t just Johnny Depp’s sister who called Betty Sue Palmer an abuser. Depp called her the ‘meanest human being I have ever met in my life’ while speaking at her funeral. However, Johnny Depp’s mother was the woman he adored despite her abuse. He loved her despite her abuse and carried on a relationship with her even after being a legal adult. His mother is the one who encouraged him to become an artist. Johnny Depp’s mother bought him his first guitar when he was 12. That guitar led him to drop out of high school four years later.

Even his high school principal in Florida encouraged him to pursue his dreams rather than return to school. Many people in Depp’s life saw a lot of potential in the young man. Johnny Depp told her, “She’s just one of the smartest, funniest, greatest people I’ve ever been lucky enough to know. She is truly one of my best friends,” even though he also found her the meanest woman he ever met. His mother suffered tremendously following her divorce from his father, and Depp once walked in on her attempting to take enough pills to overdose and kill herself. His focus then was on his mother and keeping an eye on her. It’s not the job of a child to do this, but he felt he had no choice.

The Untold Story of Johnny Depp’s Mother Betty Sue Palmer

Credit: @johnnydepp

The Horror Stories of Betty Sue Palmer

Johnny Depp was close to his mother while she lived. He took her with him when he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was his date to the Academy Awards when he was nominated. He bought her a farm. But, at the end of the day, she was an abusive mother who provided an unstable childhood when his father was not around. Depp detailed incidents when his mother threw a glass ashtray at him. She beat him with a belt. She threw the phone. She called him a lot of names.

Through it all, though, Johnny Depp’s mother was part of his life. He knew his mother’s life was coming to an end in 2016. He spent time with her when she was hospitalized and made it clear he made peace with her life. He doesn’t blame her any longer. He forgives her. He’s come to terms with the hardships his mother faced. He alludes to the fact that his mother had a difficult childhood of her own and that he did what he could. And what he did was make a choice to forgive his mother. It won’t bring her back. It won’t change the past. But, it allows Johnny Depp to live in peace following the passing of his mother.

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