The Offer: The Hurdles Surrounding The Godfather Spin-off Series

The Offer: The Hurdles Surrounding The Godfather Spin-off Series

The Offer: The Hurdles Surrounding The Godfather Spin-off Series

The Godfather has easily gone down to be one of the greatest films ever made in Hollywood history. Just thinking about the movie’s theme song can already send chills down one’s spine. The 1972 crime drama is one of the best depictions of organized crime portrayed on the big screen. It is not only a story that gave birth to iconic characters, but also one that was able to impart life-long lessons that span from handling business, the importance of family, valuing loyalty, and so much more. The film also starred the best actors of their generation, which include Marlon Brando (A Streetcar Named Desire), Al Pacino (Scent of a Woman), James Caan (Misery), John Cazale (The Deer Hunter), Robert Duvall (Days of Thunder), Talia Shire (Rocky), and Diane Keaton (Annie Hall). It really is a movie buff’s privilege to be able to witness all these big names share the screen time and time again. A once in a lifetime experience that must not be taken for granted. The film’s impact has surpassed generations, and continues to do so up to this day. It is not surprising to see filmmakers still using The Godfather as inspiration, or even as a point of reference, in their projects. This is further proven in the upcoming Paramount+ limited series called, The Offer.

The biographical miniseries is about the making of The Godfather, and the untold story and experience of one of its award-winning producers, Albert “Al” Ruddy. The timeless classic was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and was originally based on the bestselling novel of Mario Puzo of the same name. Fans of the film are in for a sweet treat, as the series gives them a glimpse into the happenings behind the camera while the movie was still in production. There might still be some undiscovered stories and interesting film trivia that would excite even the oldest of fans.

What’s in Store for Viewers

The making of the series has not been the smoothest of journeys. It has experienced major shake-ups that could very well determine the fate of the show. The first one being a change in its main cast members. It was first announced in December 2020 that Armie Hammer (Call Me by Your Name) would be portraying the lead role of Al Ruddy. The winds shifted and the tides changed a little over a month later when Hammer was involved in a series of scandals, which definitely changed the course of his career. By January 2021, Hammer was out of the project, and the show’s producers were back on a search for their new lead actor. The search was over after a few months, when the showrunners cast Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now) for the role. The next hurdle that the series’ production recently encountered could be linked to Teller, who allegedly tested positive for COVID-19 after refusing to get the vaccine. The news that was circulated on media channels reported that the show’s production proceeded to shut down temporarily after a “crew member” tested positive. Sources revealed that the crew member was indeed Teller. Production delays have already become a common occurrence the past year due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, but this does not mean that it’s okay to let down one’s guard. These setbacks can cost a lot of money any waste a lot of time. The back-to-back challenges the series has experienced must start to feel frustrating for the cast and crew. Here’s to hoping we’ve seen the last of mishaps.

Apart from Teller being casted as Al Ruddy, fans of The Godfather will also see portrayals of their other favorite offscreen and onscreen characters in the series. Some of the cast members include Dan Fogler (The Walking Dead) as Francis Ford Coppola,  Matthew Goode (Brideshead Revisited) as Robert Evans, Giovanni Ribisi (Lost in Translation) as Joe Colombo, Colin Hanks (Band of Brothers) as Barry Lapidus, Juno Temple (Ted Lasso) as Bettye McCartt, Burn Gorman (Pacific Rim) as Charles Bludhorn, Justin Chambers (Grey’s Anatomy) as Marlon Brando, Patrick Gallo (The Irishman) as Mario Puzo, Anthony Ippolito (Grand Army) as Al Pacino, Meredith Garretson (Resident Alien) as Ali MacGraw, and Frank John Hughes (The Sopranos) as Frank Sinatra. The series, created by Michael Tolkin (The Player) and directed by Dexter Fletcher (Rocketman), will contain a total of 10 episodes. There is an age-old belief that classic movies are too precious to be touched or even worse, remade. Viewers shall be the judge this time if it was the right choice to delve in deeper into The Godfather chronicles.Diane Keaton

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