The Five Best Moments From The Montana Story Trailer

In this modern-day western drama from Scott McGehee and David Siegel, two estranged siblings return home to a ranch that’s vastly changed since their time away, and the brother and sister must fight their internal struggles against a mythic American backdrop. Featuring newcomers Haley Lu Richardson and Owen Teague, Montana Story is set to be released on May 13, 2022. Here are the top five moments of the western drama.

Erin Returns Home To See Her Father In A Dire State

Can you imagine having to confront the horrors of your past? In Erin’s case, that appears to be her father. In the trailer, it’s revealed that the young woman ran away from home seven years ago and disappeared without a trace. Something big happened that made Erin cut off any and all contact with her previous life. Was she raped by her father? The trailer strongly alludes to sexual assault and Cal recalling the night that changed their lives forever seems to confirm that notion. What made Erin return home after seven long years? Do the emotional scars still have a massive impact on her everyday life? Montana Story is diving into tragedy in more ways than one, and exploring the aftermath of a sexual assault can not only be a compelling story but one that truly has an important societal impact.

Erin Decides That Mr. T Is Coming Back Home To New York

It’s clear that her father’s death is having an emotional impact on Erin. It’s really the complexity of her situation that’s captivating. Here’s a young woman who’s gone out of her way to escape her past, yet she’s come back to face the very person who’s caused her traumatic pain. She’s not bitter that her father is in a dying state. Nor does she even feel happy that he’s suffering. She’s sad, and when the news of her favorite horse is going to be put to sleep comes, Erin feels that she must do something. Her taking Mr. T is a coping mechanism and the subtle blend of storytelling that further evaluates the way humans express their emotions. Montana Story is a family drama first and foremost, and though it lends into the melodrama aspect, it’s an intimate story that many people can relate to. Emotions aren’t simply black and white. Everyone reacts to certain situations in a different manner and it’s a nice balance that the western drama is taking it’s time to get to the root of these characters who have been dealing with trauma for a good period of their lives.

Erin and Cal Revisit A Familiar Place

Erin clearly wants to make amends with her brother. However, there’s still some disconnect between the two siblings. What makes this scene great is that the shot is simply beautiful. In fact, the entire film looks stunning. There’s also an intimate feel here, as the two siblings are trying to repair their relationship over a layer of tragedy that’s taking place. Montana Story isn’t so much so about the possible death of their father, but the life that these two young kids crave out for themselves and the inner demons that they must overcome. It’s a tearjerker for sure, but it’s a nice departure to get such personal stories that are rarely seen in mainstream movies today.

Cal Reminisces About The Terrible Incident That Happened To Erin

As I previously mentioned, it sounds like Erin and Cal’s father sexually assaulted the former. Other than the strong acting in this moment, it’s a great detail to go into depth on how those events changed Cal’s world as well. It’s tough to be caught in a situation where you feel powerless and weak, and it’s understandable that Cal beats himself up over the fact that he did nothing to stop his father from harming Erin. This multi-layered story seems to capture the soul of what makes these people tick, which will surely result in a compelling drama due to how much dimension this story has. It should be very interesting to finally get the truth on what happened that night, and more importantly, the healing process following that traumatic experience.

Cal Tells Erin That He Misses Her

The whole trailer has been documenting the strained relationship between Cal and Erin. The latter doesn’t blame Cal for the incident, but she likely feels resentment because as her brother, Cal didn’t protect her. Again, the incredible acting from Owen Teague is showcased here, but the end result is what’s ultimately intriguing. Can Erin finally let her brother back into her life? Or does she believe it’s best that they never speak again once the whole ordeal is over? Her response will certainly add another layer of drama to this already complex story.

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