The Five Best Yvonne Strahovski Movies of Her Career

Yvonne Strahovski

It’s easy to assume that you might not know a lot about Yvonne Strahovski since in a lot of her movies she seems to be kind of a bit player or a supporting actor, but that doesn’t diminish the impact that she has since her characters are typically those that do add to the plot and give some sense that she’s there to support one or more of the main characters. That being said she’s been front and present as well in some movies but to be honest it would be great to see what might come if she was given the lead position a little more often. At this point she’s still relatively young, she’s still in her 30s, and could possibly take on a bigger load within a movie. Her skills are great enough that the parts she’s been given have been fairly easy for her to accomplish, but again, it’d be great to see her take on more of a presence.

Here are five of her best movies.

5. I, Frankenstein

To be honest this movie wasn’t the walking dumpster fire that some critics might say that it is since the legend of Frankenstein and his monster are still quite popular since the act of creation, of taking this gift from a divine source, is something that many people can get behind. It’s true that the story felt a little less than developed and the idea of the gargoyles fighting the demons could have been a little better, but all in all the idea of it was something quite interesting, it’s just the execution that needed a bit of help. The idea of Frankenstein fighting demons is something you might see in the comics, but even on screen it was kind of cool.

4. The Predator

People seem kind of burned out on the whole Predator franchise since the whole snafu with AVP went kind of sideways and didn’t really invite a great return on this franchise. It would seem that people really wanted to see Arnold come back into the picture, but even that might not have done much to elevate this movie. In all fairness though thinking up a new super Predator seems like something that might be pretty enticing, but it could have been the idea that the main character’s family was brought in and made him look more human and less like a hardcore soldier could have had something to do with it.

3. Manhattan Night

The kind of information that can get you in trouble and have everyone gunning for you and even gain the needed courage to threaten your family is typically the kind that you don’t mess with unless you have good reason. Wren is the kind of guy that might not be an evil person but knows how to stick his nose into business that he’s better staying away from. And yet for all that he’s still the kind of guy that is able to get himself out of trouble as often as he gets himself into it. This is the kind of movie that keeps you jumping from foot to foot, metaphorically speaking, trying to sort out just how it’s going to end.

2. Guilt Trip

She has a small part in this movie but it’s meaningful since it seems to indicate the troubles that Joyce and Andrew have with one another since despite the fact that Joyce is a good and caring mother she’s also a bit unaware of just how much she embarrasses her son from time to time. But really, this movie is kind of funny since it involves the kind of mother/son relationship that a lot of people could easily understand and might even relate to. It’s a movie you should watch at least once just to get a good laugh and enjoy as a pleasing and touching story that might make you appreciate your mother just a bit more.

1. Killer Elite

This movie is pretty much about what the title says, elite killers that are sent to complete a job that many others couldn’t even come close to accomplishing. Danny is a highly-skilled individual that is able to take down SAS members, so you know he’s tough, and Anne, Yvonne’s character, is his childhood friend that he attempts to keep safe as he and his friend Hunter become the targets after a while. It’s basically a typical Jason Statham movie in which he’s a man that doesn’t want to do what he’s doing but will do it all the same since he has a moral code that he adheres to and can’t really refuse anything for his friends.

It would be great to see Yvonne take the lead more often and create a much-needed buzz for her career. Plus, she’s got enough talent to make it happen.

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