Glenn Close and The Untold Truths Of Fatal Attraction

Credit: Fatal Attraction

When I think about erotic thrillers, the first film that comes to mind is none other than Fatal Attraction. Glenn Close starred as Alex Forrest, and her performance is undoubtedly one for the ages. Here’s an interesting fact about the Fatal Attraction, the film generated a staggering income of $320 million. If this isn’t impressive enough, it got a total of six Oscar nominations. Ever wondered how “bunny boiler” got into the dictionary? Well, it’s all thanks to this heart-stopping thriller.

Close, as Alex, perfectly depicts female rage and psychosis in the thriller. After having an affair with Dan Gallagher, played by the icon Michael Douglas, she wants more and more than he has to give. The actress brilliantly portrayed an unhinged woman full of obsession. When she realizes she can’t have him, she does everything to destroy his marriage and family. The movie interestingly did something most films don’t, leaving you with more questions than answers. Here are some truths you might not yet know about the bunny torturing movie.

Fatal Attraction Had a Completely Different Ending

I bet we all know and love the ending we got from Fatal Attraction. If you don’t, stop right here and go watch the film! Well, this ending wasn’t the original plan. We will not be spoiling the end in the movie, but in the original planned, Alex killed herself by slitting her throat and framing Dan. The second ending proved to be more dramatic, and so it made the cut.

Glenn Close fatal attraction facts

Credit: Fatal Attraction

People Didn’t Think Glenn Close Would The Role Justice

There’s nothing more challenging than looking for the perfect actor or actress for a role. In Fatal Attraction, things were probably even more difficult. The producers auditioned many actresses and were also turned down by some, but a very determined Close was more than committed to the role. An interesting fact about Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction is that many had doubts about her playing the character because she had previously just played nice characters. The star proved everyone wrong by ultimately killing it in her role as Alex.

Credit: Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction Faced A lot Of Criticism On Its Release

In Fatal Attraction, Alex depicts an unhinged woman obsessed with someone else’s husband. Well, if that doesn’t make things worse for her, Alex tries to literally kill everyone after she doesn’t get what she wants, or rather, who she wants. This didn’t sit well with a lot of feminists viewers. According to Susan Faludi, the film showed that a woman should marry and have children to be happy. This was represented by Beth, who, in the end, got her somewhat perfect ending. Unlike the independent woman Alex who was, well, shot dead. Other controversies are around the demonization of Alex when she should be sympathized with because of her Borderline Personality Disorder.

Glenn Close fatal attraction facts

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While Reshooting Fatal Attraction, Glenn Close Was Pregnant

The new ending of Fatal Attraction was shot a whole six months later after they had completed the movie. By that time, Close was pregnant, and guess what? She didn’t have a clue! You might be wondering how she find out; well, it wasn’t so pretty. After getting a concussion while working on a stunt, the actress was rushed to the hospital. It was there, the star received the news that she was pregnant.

Glenn Close Thought The Female Perspective of Fatal Attraction Was A Good Idea

Close was not particularly happy about the reshooting of the film to have the new ending. This was because it portrayed Alex as a complete villain, which Close believed was not necessarily the case for her. Close, therefore, wanted to make the female perspective of Fatal Attraction because it would have reflected on women and some mental health issues women faced. To Close, Alex was also a victim of the mental abuse she had faced while growing up with her father.

Credit: @glennclose

Without a doubt, Fatal Attraction‘s legacy cannot be overstated. Beyond the Glenn Close’s iconic performance, the film’s dynamic storytelling and bold visual choices helped craft a movie that defies the limitations of time. Perhaps as a testament to its legacy, a TV series remake is currently underway with Lizzy Caplan stepping into Close’s shoes. It will certainly be interesting to see how the TV show compares to benchmark set up by its predecessor.

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