The Top Five Glenn Close Crying Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Glenn Close Crying Scenes in Movies

If you’re looking for the definition of versatility in the acting world look no further than Glenn Close. In terms of her crying scenes she’s done a lot that makes her look like she’s completely unbalanced but she’s also done a great deal to show that she’s a classy and mentally fortified enough to really keep it together during a crisis. In some ways she’s like an acting chameleon since she can take on roles and make people think that she’s a different gender. She’s simply that good and the fact that no one questions it might mean that she looks mannish but in truth that’s not it at all. She simply knows how to play the part so it’s really hard to pin down her acting style since she’s capable of going from one end of the emotional spectrum to the next in a matter of moments.

That is what you call a legendary actor.

5. The Big Chill

Funerals are almost always sad ordeals, especially given how some people pass on. They aren’t meant to be happy but there are those moments when you look beyond the sadness and remember the person that has passed with a fondness for having had them in your life even for a moment. Before that however is the unrelenting sorrow that they are gone and you won’t be seeing them again.

4. Fatal Attraction

It kind of pays to really get to know a person before you fool around, especially if you happen to be married. Plus, make sure that if she does come after you that you have the guts to admit to the affair beforehand so as not to make things worse. Adultery is a horrible thing but having to explain why there’s a boiled bunny in your cook pot would be even worse.

3. Hook

So many people had no idea that Glenn Close was in this movie for even a short amount of time. That bearded pirate standing next to Robin Williams? That’s her. Look at the eyes and if that doesn’t convince you look at the credits. Glenn Close somehow came in under the radar and managed to snag a pretty entertaining scene in one of our favorite childhood movies.

2. Tarzan

I’m counting this one because she did play the character of Kala and if your eyes weren’t getting a little blurry at this point you might have a hard heart or not care for cartoons. Kala had just told Tarzan where he really came from and, as his mother for so many years, had to deal with the pain of finally losing him to the race that he belonged to. Tell me that doesn’t break your heart.

1. Air Force One

She might not have been full on crying but her eyes were wet with tears that were just about to fall. As the VP she had to assume some responsibility for the death of a colleague and friend, but it’s hard to think of such things when you know that anyone could be next.

Glenn Close is an epic-level actor.

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