The Cosmic Scale of the MCU Could Be Immense

Imagining how far and how deep the MCU is bound to go when it comes to the cosmos that surrounds the worlds that have already been explored is exciting since as Marvel fans already know, the cosmic beings and the vast spaces between worlds are seriously amazing. Galactus, the Guardians of the Galaxy, even the Celestials are only the beginning of a deeper, richer story that is firmly set to impress and entertain the many fans that are aware of it, and those that have yet to experience the entirety of the cosmos that Marvel has exposed over the years. There are a lot of cosmic beings that have been introduced into the MCU already, but there are many still to be unveiled, and it’s not certain how many are still going to be included. Eternity is a big one since this being is the cosmos itself, which is offset by Infinity, and yet still isn’t quite as powerful as beings such as the Living Tribunal, the One Above All, and a few others. Even Thanos has taken on Eternity with the Infinity Gauntlet, which resulted in Thanos taking over Eternity’s role for a brief time. 

Phase four has taken a big step into the cosmos by including various characters that have either been newly introduced or have been used to build on ideas that have already been in play since the earlier phases of the franchise. Captain Marvel was a big move forward, as was the final inclusion of Thanos when he came on in force in Infinity War. Ever since the post-credits in the Avengers movie, people were waiting to see what the mad titan was up to, while many Marvel fans already knew. The question at this time is how far things are going to go until the MCU starts to double back on itself, and whether or not it’s going to include such powerful beings as the Beyonder and several others. 

There are plenty of races and characters yet to be introduced, and the question is whether or not they will be placed in the MCU or if they’re too OP to work with, or simply too obscure. The latter element isn’t a good enough reason to avoid using a character since Shang-Chi is one of the many characters that even Marvel fans might have forgotten at one point. But being too OP hasn’t been much of an issue either since it’s been seen that the most powerful Marvel characters that have been introduced so far have been de-powered in a big way since Thor, the Hulk and a few others have been stripped of the strength, durability, and skills that their comic book versions were so well-known for. Even some of the villains have been stripped of their more powerful qualities for one reason or another, when quite honestly, keeping them as OP as they were would be easy since in the comics, the villains and the heroes tend to balance one another with their respective abilities. If this had been done to every character then it wouldn’t have been an issue, but the fact is that certain characters have been allowed to keep their OP abilities, and have been given even more power. 

That’s something that can be shrugged off thankfully, but thinking that the MCU might only go so far into the cosmic arena causes a small amount of trepidation since if it does hit a stopping point, which might not happen for a while, then it’s an admission that there’s a limit to what Marvel is willing to bring out. Most folks are probably in agreement that this won’t be the case since Disney is well-known for pushing as much material as it can to earn every dollar possible from a property. Marvel has a lot more to offer and there’s a good bet that if the moment ever comes that the MCU is waning when it comes to material, which is hard to imagine at this point, there’s a good chance that the multiverse will be the saving grace that will keep the MCU going for a while to come since there are a LOT of stories that are there waiting to be told, and there are a lot of characters waiting to be revealed. 

It’s fair to state that the MCU is bound to be here for a while since there are writers that would likely give their fingertips to be able to say that they’d written one of the most popular movies or series of the current era. But whether Phase 4 will show the cosmic arena in all its glory or if it will come a bit later is hard to say. All that one can assume at this point is that things are getting more and more impressive as they move along, and there’s a lot more to come. 

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