Why Galactus Deserves a Solo Movie

Why Galactus Deserves a Solo Movie

Why Galactus Deserves a Solo Movie

So far Galactus hasn’t yet broken into the movies in the form that people recognize him in, since in The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the world-devourer was little more than a massive cosmic cloud that might have had a flesh and blood being in the middle of it but was otherwise amorphous in nature, which is not how people tend to remember this character. The story of Galactus is actually kind of a tragic one since his people were annihilated when the universe collapsed inward upon itself in a cycle that’s apparently been happening in the Marvel universe for some time. But instead of succumbing to the deadly energies like the rest of his people, Galan was invigorated by the massive amount of energy and would eventually need more to sustain himself, as well as his armor to keep his energy-infused form from flying apart. The reason he’s been the villain for so long is pretty simple, he feeds on the energies of planets to survive, and for a while, this wasn’t such a bad thing since he managed to find planets that didn’t have sentient life that he could feed upon. After a while though, even that wasn’t enough as he took to consuming planets that were inhabited, thereby destroying not just the world, but killing everyone on it. In terms of having his own solo movie, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but it might be more interesting to feature several heroes, or perhaps one group in particular, at the same time.

The fact is that he has been cast as a villain quite a bit since his actions aren’t at all heroic since he’s feeding his own needs and doing so at the expense of countless living beings. His heralds, from the Fallen One to the Silver Surfer, Nova, Firelord, and others, have been just as guilty for leading him to planets that had untold numbers of people on them that were exterminated once Galactus had his way. But as far as an origin movie goes it could be interesting to see how Galan got his start and how things turned out the way they did when his people were killed off. The sad part of this character is that he’s the last of his kind, but he’s still taken that to a place that makes it impossible to feel sorry for him. Since his inception into the Marvel universe, he’s been little more than a villain, though there have been times when he’s been seen as a more neutral character, though his hero days are few and far between. He’s gone up against some of the most powerful individuals in the galaxy though and survived, as it’s already been established that he can’t be killed so easily. He can be starved of energy and he can be eliminated in one way or another, as has been revealed in the past, but killing him off entirely isn’t something that the writers appear to be interested in doing.

Bringing Galactus forward for a solo movie sounds like an odd outing that would be kind of hard for fans to get into, but if it was placed on Disney+ it might work, and it could possibly give a lot of people an idea of just how impressive this cosmic being is since to be fair, he’s one of the tougher individuals in the galaxy, and he can take on Thanos pretty easily since his power levels are beyond the mad titan. Of course, if anyone’s going to mention the fact that Thanos could take on just about anyone with the Infinity Gauntlet, it’s important to remember that moving forward the Infinity Stones are either back where they belong or destroyed according to the storyline since the obvious idea was to put them back so as not to disrupt the timelines, but there’s always a possibility that something happened that would make their existence necessary to eliminate if anyone had the capability. But without the stones, Galactus is able to handle characters such as Thanos with only a bit of difficulty. He’s a step up in the villain department since the MCU will be moving on to other threats since Loki and Ultron are both defunct at this time and won’t be much of an issue since they’ve been dealt with by the Avengers. But even more importantly he’s bound to herald the arrival of the Fantastic Four since this was the first group of heroes to deal with this threat.

There’s a big hope that his arrival will come with the Silver Surfer as well, and maybe a few other cosmic entities that will step in and help to keep expanding the Marvel universe. One can only imagine how eager fans would be for this to happen.

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