The Five Best Linda Blair Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Linda Blair Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Linda Blair Movies of Her Career

It would be nice to say that Linda Blair had a truly successful career from the moment she entered show business up until the present day, but she had her fair share of problems along the way since her ability to turn in a very notable role early on in her career was also enough to stain it for a while. The fallout from this one part is the reason why it seems that some people shouldn’t watch movies since they tend to get their noses bent out of joint over the smallest little thing. Blair managed to keep going with her career, but instead of becoming well known a member of the elite she went on to star in a lot of other movies that didn’t quite make the same impact as the one that almost blacklisted her for the rest of her career. To be honest she’s done well enough in her life but at the same time she’s still thought of as the girl that performed one of the most blasphemous roles of all.

Seriously, people got that mad. Here are five of her best movies.

5. Repossessed

You can call this what it is, a ridiculous spoof movie of The Exorcist, but it was still pretty funny as it took Blair through the motions once again without forcing her to endure the same kind of physical torture that she went through during the original movie. This is one of those movies you’ve likely forgotten about over the years if you knew about it at all, but it’s also one that I would recommend since it can be pretty funny at the same time. Leslie Nielsen after all was a great comedian in his time and one of the better actors in the picture, and as anyone knows, he’s one of the kings of the spoof movie genre.

4. Savage Streets

This movie shows a different side of Linda that a lot of people might not know about since throughout the course of the movie she not only has to deal with her sister being raped by gang members but she has to also go through the pain of losing a friend who’s killed by the same gang members. This is about when she busts out the butt-kicking persona that a lot of people might not know about and takes her revenge on the men in a rather gruesome fashion as she starts eliminating all of them one at a time in horrific ways that might give a person nightmares for a while. In the end though she’s able to take out the entire gang and walk away with her head held high.

3. Hell Night

It seem that Linda never quite got away from the horror genre as she grew up, but this was perhaps one of those B movies that would have been fully enjoyed back in the day. Four individuals are tasked with staying the night in what is supposed to be a haunted home where a man killed his family long ago. The only problem is that one of his sons is still alive, and working with one of his brothers, who was also spared. The two stalk the four individuals around the house throughout the night and eventually end up killing all but one of them, as she finally outwits the last remaining attacker and then walks away, no doubt traumatized for the rest of her life.

2. The Chilling

This one is pretty easy to explain and it’s on the list because it’s unique enough that it warranted some attention. The premise is simple, bodies that are put into cryogenic chambers are suddenly turned into reanimating chambers when lightning strikes the building and create an adverse reaction that brings the bodies back to life. As far as zombie movies go this is something you can’t help but think is kind of ridiculous and was made to appease horror fans in a very strange and quirky manner. But at the same time it was intriguing enough to mention so it had to be put on the list since it was worth a good laugh.

1. The Exorcist

The first story in a series that went on to scare the living hell out of people, this was also the movie that ended in death threats for Blair since she was thought to be less of a person for having taken on such a role. Given how many movies have been created with the devil and demons in mind it seems more than a little hypocritical, but these were the times apparently and some people simply don’t know how to accept a movie for what it is. With that in mind the Exorcist is the kind of movie that sticks with you despite the fact that the imagery and effects are pretty dated.

Linda has had a long career at this point, but there’s one movie that she’s going to be most revered for.

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