Mel Gibson Allegedly Knew Harvey Weinstein Sexually Assaulted Women

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Mel Gibson has been in the spotlight for more than 40 years. His career was one of the most beloved of all time in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and he continued to make movies despite many controversies throughout the years. He’s a born New Yorker but spent the latter portion of his childhood living in Australia. He was married for 31 years, he was with the woman he cheated on his wife with for two years, and he’s been with his current lady love since 2014. He’s the father of nine kids, and his long-term girlfriend is 32 to 66. They began dating when she was only 24.

Mel Gibson’s life has been filled with controversy. From restraining orders to cheating allegations to drunk driving arrests to accusations that he’s abusive, he’s been through it all in his 45-year career. However, the 2022 news that he’s going to testify at the trial of Hollywood’s most infamous rapist, Harvey Weinstein, has fans wondering what is going on.

Jane Doe 3 Reveals She Confided in Mel Gibson that Harvey Weinstein Assaulted Her

It’s not a secret that the ongoing trial of Harvey Weinstein is difficult. Legions of women, some we know of and others who prefer to keep their identities a secret, are testifying about the abhorrent, awful, terrible things they went through at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. When one woman – she’s decided she has no desire for the world to know her name and go through this publicly – announced during the trial that she only kept her secret for a while, the world was shocked. You see, she was initially going to keep the assault to herself.

But she ended up telling Mel Gibson that Weinstein assaulted her. She considered Gibson a friend, and she wanted to open up to him about what happened. The woman in question is a massage therapist who was hired to provide Weinstein with a massage in his hotel room in LA. She spoke of the incident saying that Weinstein ended the massage after 40 minutes and then followed her into the bathroom, naked, while she washed her hands. He touched himself despite her telling him to stop, and that’s when he forced her up against a wall and fondled both himself and her.

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Sharing Her Story With Mel Gibson

Jane Doe 3 didn’t tell a soul about what happened with Harvey Weinstein because of her career. She was afraid she would lose it all if she spoke up against such a powerful man. However, she did continue to work. While working on Mel Gibson months after the attack, he mentioned a new project with Weinstein, which caused Jane Doe 3 to panic. She finally opened up about the attack. “He was the first person that I finally opened up with about what happened. I told him that he sexually assaulted me, but didn’t want to get into all the details. I was embarrassed and humiliated,” she said, confiding in Mel Gibson.

She goes on to say that he asked her if she would like to call the police or speak to another woman about the matter. It’s rumored that Mel Gibson will be asked to testify in the trial, but it also seems that Weinstein’s attorneys are happy to put Gibson on the stand. His own questionable past and controversies make him the kind of witness that will simply not hold up in court in the eyes of the Weinstein attorneys.

He Will Testify

Despite the rumors and all that has been said about it thus far, it seems Mel Gibson will testify against Harvey Weinstein. However, the actor has not made one announcement or said one thing about it to the press. What will he say when he is in the courtroom and asked about this incident? We simply don’t know. Mel Gibson has had a long history of ups and downs, and he’s sometimes considered unreliable by his fans. His history is not exactly on his side in this matter, and whether anyone believes him is in question. However, as of right now, he’s said nothing about the case.

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Unfortunately, one of his more famous controversies is the time he told his ex – and the mother of his eighth child – some really ugly things about how if she were raped, it would be her own fault. The statement – which is just too ugly to even write – was recorded on a phone call, and things did not go well for him. The things he said were so awful that it was nearly a decade before his Hollywood blacklist was even remotely considered done. He’s still not a fan favorite for many despite his long career and his amazing movie history. He has spoken freely about being manic-depressive, but even that doesn’t allow many people to see past the other things he has said and done over the years.

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