Amy Schumer Exudes Confidence in Trailer for “I Feel Pretty”

Amy Schumer Exudes Confidence in Trailer for “I Feel Pretty”

Amy Schumer isn’t lacking for confidence when it comes to the trailer for I Feel Pretty. Okay, go on and get the shudders and anything else out of your system once you watch the trailer, but I would really hope that you would start to laughing sooner rather than later since the movie does look pretty funny. I’m not a fan of Amy Schumer’s but I can fully agree with the theme of the movie and the fact that it is that vastly important to love who you are and not what society says is beautiful. Okay so yes, there are those that should probably at least think about doing some of the things you see in the trailer but overall it is important to be comfortable in your own skin and not subscribe to what other people want to think.

Plus, the confidence that comes from actually liking who you are and the way you look is something that can exude into the space surrounding you and impress people with the real you. Society isn’t fully to blame for any problems a person has, but it certainly doesn’t help that we praise ‘beautiful’ people and shun ‘ugly’ people. If we go by looks, which happens all the time, then obviously those without the thin veneer of beauty will get ignored. But if society was able to look past the skin and see the personality of a person it would be a lot different story I’m sure. Of course since we can’t go around basing everything on what a person might be like on the inside it’s important for people to get the idea that they’re stronger than others think and can love themselves for who they are rather than who they want to be.

Believe it or not other people do respond to this and find it endearing in a way and can fully respect a person that is able to look at themselves and say “I like myself”. Those that are too shallow and don’t know how to fully access those emotions that some people get in touch with don’t tend to get this part, or willfully ignore it, and therefore don’t seem to understand anything but what’s superficial and ultimately destined to fade. The real beauty of a person is what comes from inside and tells them that they’re worth something no matter what anyone says.

But like all things there are limits to this as well. A person can love themselves and live a good and decent life, but when that love turns inward and becomes something far more than what it started out as narcissism becomes a very real danger. This has happened to a lot of people throughout history that have had to experience a love for themselves as a defense against the harsher aspects of society. They love and respect themselves so much that eventually they come to believe that they really are the center of the universe and no one can possibly understand them. That’s a bit extreme obviously, but it is a drawback. I Feel Pretty looks like it might an amusing movie.

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