The Five Best Kirsten Dunst Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Kirsten Dunst Movies of Her Career

Some parents simply want their children to be famous and as a result will push them as hard as they can into a career that the kids might not want to begin with but eventually get used to. Kirsten Dunst is one of those individuals that has had a lot of time to get used to the fact that her mother was banking on her being famous when all she wanted to do was be a kid at some point. But growing up on one film set or another from the age of 3 she had to kind of acclimate to the idea that she was going to be famous and had to deal with it. Throughout the years she’s had her hits and misses and been lauded as one of the great actresses as well as someone that was given a part that she wasn’t really right for. Throughout everything though she’s proven to be quite skilled at what she’s doing and more than capable when she’s on screen.

Here are some of her best movies to date.

5. Interview with the Vampire

Her part in this story is almost accidental as Louis is not the type of person that wants to kill another person just to survive, though he finally breaks down and helps to turn Claudia into a vampire. Unfortunately for him and Lestat she becomes increasingly volatile as she realizes she’s going to be stuck in the body of a young girl for the rest of eternity and cannot abide this. Upon trying to kill Lestat the two of them then flee to Paris where they are eventually set upon after converting an innocent woman into a mother figure for Claudia. That’s pretty much where Claudia’s story ends as she’s turned to ash by the sun.

4. Spider-Man

There’s hardly ever been a time when Mary Jane Watson wasn’t a damsel in distress it seems like, though she’s had Peter Parker’s eye for a long, long time before they became husband and wife. Everything he’s had to go through she’s had to go through as well. But in this movie they weren’t together yet and she was still more or less the damsel in distress that he kept on pining for. A lot of people were divided on whether or not Kirsten was the right woman for the role but she did play the part beautifully. The sequels however left something to be desired, but it wasn’t just her performance.

3. Jumanji

This movie was way underrated in its time and remains so today since the new Jumanji is what most people would think of. When you take into account the kind of nightmarish place that Alan had to survive in as a child you kind of get an idea that he was more than a little grateful to be home, no matter that his parents were gone, the world had moved on, and almost no one remembered him. But once the game is finished everything goes back to the way it was when it started, and he gets another lease on life. So wait, would that be where the next one took off from, or would it go from the moment that Alan disappeared?

2. Bring It On

Cheerleading is every bit as competitive as this movie makes it seem since dance routines are in a big way the intellectual property of those that are performing them. It doesn’t seem as though it would be as big a deal if different squads asked permission to use the same routines, but it also seems as though that permission might not always be forthcoming. It’d be like allowing someone else to rewrite a story that you’d just written and hoping that it wouldn’t be any competition for your own tale. But when the Toros finally do come up with their own routine they manage to place second in Nationals at least, proving that they’re still good enough to be competition.

1. The Virgin Suicides

There’s something wrong in a household where a group of sisters feels that suicide is necessary. The first one is the youngest sister as she tries to slit her wrists but survives. Since that didn’t work she threw herself from a second-story window, impaling herself on a fence. When a group of neighborhood boys attempt to get to know the sisters better however the sisters form a suicide pact that they enact upon inviting the boys over while their parents are out of the house. The real weirdness begins when the boys make their way to the attic to reveal that one sister has hanged herself. Upon trying to flee the house they notice another sister with her head in the gas oven, another sister that has overdosed on sleeping pills, and the eldest, who has killed herself by carbon monoxide poisoning. As the boys, now men, reminisce about this they can’t help but wonder just why the girls did what they did.

She’s a favorable actress, but there have been some parts she might have wanted to avoid.

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