If Star Wars Characters Had Beards: A Photo Gallery

While “Star Wars Characters with Beards” is as good a photoshop project as any I’m really hoping to follow this one up with “Star Wars Characters Turned Bald” as well as “Star Wars Characters with Mustaches.”  I just thought I would throw those out there.  Unfortunately my photoshopping skills are garbage so I’m hoping any of you reading this out there can take these projects to task. But let’s get into it.

I couldn’t have been happier getting the chance to watch as much Star Wars as I could handle last night.  But what made it even more awesome was that my 4-year-old watched with me which made it that much cooler and nostalgic.   We got right up to Return on the Jedi and he was clamoring to go to bed.

The first thing I thought of when I saw these pictures was “what if my son had a beard?”  I think I’m just running out of steam and things to write.   Let’s just get to the pictures shall we?  Here’s what some of your favorite Star Wars characters would look like with beards.

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