Five Films You’ll be Surprised Were Directed by Women

There are films that you might be surprised were directed by women not just because they’re so inherently violent or masculine in many ways, but because a lot of women directors have a definite touch that is so different from men that it tends to show more often. Look at Wonder Woman as opposed to Man of Steel. It’s not entirely fair to say that a male director might have focused more on Steve Trevor or that he would have made the outfits even skimpier, but it is generally the case that men making movies are much different in their way of thinking than women. However, women have shown that they can go to that level when needs be and in the films below it’s been seen that they can deliver on films when it seems to need a more decisive and blunt approach.

Face it, women can do just about everything men can do in virtually any field.

5. Lost in Translation-Sofia Coppola

Something tells me that with a man at the helm of this movie that there would have been a lot more drama involved and possibly a little more sexuality than was necessary. It’s not a foregone conclusion really but with ScarJo as one of the leads a lot of directors tends to play her up as a very sexual person no matter if the movie calls for it or not. In this movie though it’s a lot more innocent and less focused on anything beyond honest intimacy between the two leads.

4. Point Break-Kathryn Bigelow

If you ask any fan of the movie this is THE only Point Break that matters since the remake kind of bombed out with a lot of people. Some folks gave it a chance but their love of the original movie didn’t allow for much wiggle room, and the new version just took it to places that the original wasn’t intended for. It would have been better if the new movie had been something completely different with perhaps an homage to this film.

3. The Hurt Locker-Kathryn Bigelow

Kathryn Bigelow has already shown that she can get down and dirty with her films and she continues to do so with this one. Her use of the male perspective isn’t dulled down at all and it’s definitely not feminized in any way, meaning that she has a great understanding of what men go through and what they’re experiencing in such situations. Maybe as men we’re easy to figure out, but fortunately it seems more likely that Bigelow is just that good of a director.

2. We Need to Talk About Kevin-Lynne Ramsay

This could be something you might see as coming from a mother’s perspective and the worst case scenario ever of raising a child. Around his father Kevin is a normal kid, but around his mother he’s an absolute problem child. It’s only when he learns archery that he becomes a true danger as he kills several of his fellow students as well as his father and his little sister. It’s almost as though that one bonding moment with his mother became the catalyst for what he was going to become.

1. American Psycho-Mary Harron

It might be jokingly said that this could come from the mind of a woman that has met some truly horrible men in her time, but that might not be so well-received. Instead this is a jump into the psychotic mind of an individual that may or may not be fully in tune with the reality he occupies. If this woman is a writer it would make sense how she could direct something like this.

Women are just as adept at directing others as anyone remember.


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