Will We Ever Get to See a “Dracula Untold 2?”

People are certainly picky about their monster movies these days, but it’s easy to understand why. Dracula Untold wasn’t a favorite with the fans for whatever reason but honestly some of us liked it. The movie gave a more realistic look at the origins of the dreaded vampire known as Dracula, and what’s more is that it revealed that he was not the first of his kind, not even close. Instead he was the product of another that had been tainted by a demon, or a devil depending on the way you look at it. So as far as the Dark Universe goes it seems as though this should be one of the first considered as canon, even though it’s not. Dracula has always been one of the favored monsters, and with Universal deciding to step away and favor the dreaded flop that was The Mummy it’s kind of confusing as to why they wouldn’t go back and try to further develop the story of one of the most powerful and popular movie monsters in history.

Here’s just a few reasons why this should happen.

Dracula has always been the most powerful of the villains.

In the Dark Universe he is the main big bad. He can overpower just about anyone and he can dominate just about anyone. Against the Mummy it would be a good fight, but against anyone else Dracula is simply the power that cannot be denied. With his strength, his minions, and his wealth of supernatural abilities he could take down an army, as he did in the movie, and barely break a sweat. Obviously his weaknesses would be used against him, but in the Dark Universe we’ve already seen that when he’s at his best he’s just about unstoppable. Luke Evans played the part beautifully no matter what critics said, and has probably given the best rendition of Dracula in a long time.

He works in just about any time frame.

Being as close to immortal as anyone can get, Dracula has seen centuries pass and has weathered the touch of time in such a way that he never ages and never weakens. As a fighter and a man with experience he is the kind of person that can fit in anywhere and dominate whenever and however he pleases. Once again, Luke Evans is a man that can handle any time period since his acting in the first movie seems accurate enough that it can be forgiven that he doesn’t have the right accent or look. His appearance as Vlad the Impaler set a new spin on the horrific legend that allowed the movie to at least be more edgy and up to date. Dracula is truly one monster that does not need to be left out of the Dark Universe largely because he is the flagship that it needs to really get going. If Universal is really going to get the Dark Universe up and running then they need their star and they need another story that can help push it forward.

A battle between the worst of the monsters would be an epic film.

We’re already getting a film about Godzilla and King Kong and the other movie monsters that have had their moment in the sun, isn’t it about time to kick it down a notch so that we can ramp it up again with a major monster movie? Horror films have come and gone in Hollywood and continue to do so, but icons like Dracula, the Mummy, the Wolfman, Frankenstein, and many others have been a part of cinematic history for so long that it kind of begs the question as to why they haven’t been seen on the same screen in such a long time. Of course werewolves and vampires have been seen together, but bringing in the whole bunch would be an epic idea that could possibly turn people on to the fact that the Dark Universe could be something quite unique and more than a little awesome to contemplate. It’d be nice to see Luke Evans come back, and Tom Cruise, just to keep some continuity, but it would also be great to see a worthy actor for the role of Frankenstein’s monster and the wolfman. On that note it might also do to find a way to bring in such movie characters as the Invisible Man, the Phantom of the Opera, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and several others that have enjoyed movie stardom for one giant film that would pit them all against one another or bring them all together to wreak havoc in some unspeakable way.

Something such as this seems like it would be nothing but awesome so long as the story was sound and the actors were carefully selected. The Dark Universe needs to experience a resurgence, and a sequel to Dracula Untold seems like it would be a good place to start.

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