New Star Trek Movie Is Coming from Kalinda Vazquez and J.J. Abrams

New Star Trek Movie Is Coming from Kalinda Vazquez and J.J. Abrams

Trekkies are likely divided on what the news of a new Star Trek movie could mean for the franchise since the idea of Kalinda Vazquez, who has written for Star Trek: Discovery isn’t the issue. It’s where the story is going to go from this point on since the rebooted version with Chris Pine and his fellow cast members has been doing fine from a monetary standpoint, but the overall story is something that has split the fanbase a bit. So thinking of where the current project might head is understandably uncertain since it’s hard to guess whether Kalinda will want to continue the Discovery angle or do something else entirely. Would it even be worth looking beyond Picard and his legacy at this time? That’s a rather difficult question really since it’s not likely that everyone would think this to be a bad idea, but there are probably others who would want to see the revised timeline revisited simply because from the reboot forward things have changed in a big way and a lot of fans will want to see that reflected in future projects. With so many rumors over the years of this or that Star Trek project coming out though it’s becoming even harder to anticipate what might be headed down the pipeline. All that anyone does know is that they would probably be willing to accept another Star Trek movie simply because it’s been a little while since the last one was released.

It might actually be a decent time to release a new Star Trek project simply because the word has still been that Star Wars isn’t coming out in force as it was just a little while ago, so there’s less competition, and if Star Trek could be the first to reach the theaters again it would probably stand a good chance of retaining a good deal of popularity once the theaters open. Some folks might not want to think that Trek has anything to worry about from Wars, but the truth is that Star Wars has outperformed Star Trek quite a bit in recent years. The Mandalorian alone has turned a lot of heads on Disney+, and it’s fair to say that as much derision as the sequels received, they were still successful since people, no matter how much they complain, are still going to pay to see what they believe to be an inferior movie. The same has happened with Star Trek since there has been plenty of flak given to various movies in the franchise as well, but yet people continue to see them and hold them up as some of the best movies in history. This is usually because they’re fans or for other reasons that are difficult to fathom.

There are a few different ways that this movie could go, and until we get to know more about it there are bound to be a lot of people guessing and making theories that they believe will explain how things could go and why they’re the most likely. Some of them might even come close to the mark since some fans are so up on their movie data that they might actually guess correctly. This is the fanbase to be certain, but if they do manage to come up with an answer as to what’s going to happen it will be easy to be impressed since there are a lot of different stories that might be told and a lot of different directions the franchise could be taken. But since the reboot came along there have been some folks wanting to see how everything will change and there are those that are hoping that things would go back to the way they used to be. That too is the nature of a fanbase, since there are going to be those that don’t want things to change on a fundamental level, while there are those that will want everything to change at some point, even the most fundamental aspects that might shake everything up. It’s difficult to be a fan sometimes, but it’s amusing to be someone on the outside trying to figure out the fanbase from afar since every other person has their own idea of what Star Trek should be like and how another movie should go.

Hey, I can’t say much, I’m a Star Wars fan and think that the EU should have been followed and that the MCU should have followed the Infinity Gauntlet idea a little closer. But this is how the movies go, those that are creating the visions are those that are bound to call the shots and make certain that things get done the way they need to be. Whatever comes will come, and it’s fair to say that the fans will accept it or talk about it as they will. That’s one of the only guarantees.

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