Will Harold and Kumar Visit Space in a Fourth Installment?

Will Harold and Kumar Visit Space in a Fourth Installment?

Like many things in this world, Harold and Kumar is something that people really need to enjoy because they like it, not just because someone says it’s cool, especially if people are going to get psyched about a possibility that a fourth movie could see the popular stoners turn their attention toward space. This appears to be a growing trend at the moment since space sounds like it’s the place to be when talking about a lot of movies. But sending Harold and Kumar to space almost feels like it’s bound to be mayhem and comedy all rolled into one as the two will likely get into a heap of trouble that will end up causing a catastrophe worse than anything they’ve done yet. But then, that’s kind of the point with these movies since to be fair they aren’t necessarily meant to be anything other than ridiculous humor that people will get behind. From the start of this idea, it’s been clear that it was meant to be a new type of stoner humor that would entertain a new generation of fans that would likely latch onto the idea and run with it, and that’s pretty much what happened since people are definitely up for another movie.

But space is one of those venues that, when taken on by various movies, might make people roll their eyes and wonder what’s about to happen and how much sillier something can get. James Bond did this, as did Austin Powers, and there’s reason to believe that the Fast and Furious might take this route as well. It’s no doubt that space is being seen as the next place to make movies since apparently earth is becoming passe at this time and for some reason isn’t yielding up enough storylines for people to use, at least when they don’t look that is. But for something as wild and crazy as this idea, going into space would be a logical step since Harold and Kumar are meant to be the kind of stoners that somehow just show up at certain places and tend to cause trouble and then somehow get themselves out of trouble, with a lot of help to be certain. But it does sound as though this movie will have to wait since John Cho and Kal Penn, and the two individuals that made the movies to start with, are kind of busy at this point since they all have something going. Scheduling issues remain one of the top reasons that some movies don’t get made when people want, and that doesn’t feel likely to change since a lot of folks tend to keep as busy as they can be in order to keep those paychecks rolling in.

It’s hard to say when this movie might actually get started if it ever does, but both Kal and John are excited about it and want to keep it in mind and eventually get to it if they can, but one has to remember that if it doesn’t get started within the next few years that there’s a good chance that it won’t happen at all. Neither man is getting any younger and it’s a bit obvious that as funny as aging stoners can be, the jokes tend to fall flat after a while and the whole schtick tends to get a bit old. Does anyone remember what happened when Cheech and Chong started getting played out? They got older, and things just kind of fell apart. Well, they might have been falling apart anyway, but the whole idea of the movies and their act really went by the wayside after a while, and once they got too old to really go back to it the understanding was that they were better off taking on the roles they’d been accepting for a while at that point. To be fair they’re both still legends and people will continue to watch their older movie and be entertained, but this is where Harold and Kumar could be headed if they don’t end up producing the fourth movie, but it’s more likely than not that they’ll both be a little better off than Cheech and Chong simply because they didn’t really base their entire careers around Harold and Kumar to start with. If anyone is keeping track, Kal was a big hit in Van Wilder with Ryan Reynolds, while John Cho rocked it as the #1 MILF guy in American Pie to start with.

While they’ve both grown up and out of those particular roles, the idea that they’ve continued to act like stoners for Harold and Kumar is evidence that they’re not too old to still have fun with the idea. But really, if they’re wanting to see this through then it should probably happen sooner rather than later.

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