When is the Hunger Games New Movie Release Date?

When is the Hunger Games New Movie Release Date?
When is the Hunger Games New Movie Release Date?

Credit: @songbirdsandsnakes

The Hunger Games brought Jennifer Lawrence some serious fame, but the books are always better than the movies. However, the movies did quite well as they were released individually. The dystopian drama filled with wealth, poverty, murder, and mayhem did all it could to get people into the theaters and worked like a charm. When The Hunger Games’ new movie was announced, fans could not believe their luck. Their favorite books turned movies are back? What do we know about the Hunger Games’ new movie? So much, so stay tuned.

The Hunger Games New Movie Name

You are correct if you’re wondering if it has anything to do with a bird. This is a franchise that is nothing if not entirely predictable regarding its need to name movies for birds. The name of the new movie is “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” and it already sounds like it’s going to be on fire. Which, of course, is a total dad joke since we all know that Katniss Everdeen is the girl on fire.

Who is in the Hunger Games New Movie?

Simply put, your favorite stars will not return for this movie. The problem is that it’s the rise of the Hunger Games, which happens long before the characters of Katniss, Peeta, and Effie are even alive. This is the movie about how these games came to light. How did the capital decide they would pit people against one another and make them kill to stay alive for a bit of fame and fortune? How did some districts become so much more potent than others? It’s a movie about how it all began, and it began long before these characters were alive. So, you will not see Jennifer Lawrence and her favorite friends.

When is the Hunger Games New Movie Release Date?

Credit: @songbirdsandsnakes

But, you will see some big stars taking part in this one. For example, we will see the likes of Viola Davis, one of the most famous and move beloved actresses of all time. She’s a star and not alone in starring in this new prequel. She’s sharing the screen with people such as Tom Blyth and Rachel Zegler. It should be good. Tom Blyth is going to play young Coriolanus Snow, the evil president. Ziegler plays Lucy Gray Baird, and she is the original district 12 tribute. She played the same character as Jennifer Lawrence a long time ago.

Viola Davis is the Head Gamemaker

She’s not a nice person, and we love it. She’s the woman, Dr. Volumnia Gaul, who makes weapons and tries them out on people. Essentially, she’s a villain in this movie, and we feel she will rock this part like no one else. We love seeing her when she’s in her mode of absolute destruction. She’s the perfect actress for a role like this, and we fully support her taking over as the woman who will be remembered as cruel and ruthless.

When is the Hunger Games New Movie Release Date?

Credit: @songbirdsandsnakes

We Get to Meet Tigris Snow

In Mockingjay, a woman who resembles a tiger comes into the movie and helps people such as Katniss and her friends hide. What is her story? She will show up, and we will learn all about her in the new movie. She’s played by Hunter Schafer, who you know from Euphoria. This is one character we cannot wait to learn more about because she was in the later movies, and her story was not something we learned anything about.

Additionally, we get to see Peter Dinklage himself take on a role. He’s a master in acting. He is going to play a character named Casca Highbottom. His character is the man behind the games. He works alongside Viola Davis to create the games; through his hard work, they are dark, dangerous, and murderous. It’s a dark situation, but it’s one he is going to rock.

When Do We Get to Watch?

We want to tell you it’s soon, but we’d be lying. Right now, you’re looking at just over a year from now. The release date for the new Hunger Games movie is November 17, 2023. This is the opening weekend before Thanksgiving week in the United States, which means it will likely go on to break some serious records. We cannot wait.

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