The Most Memorable Gary Oldman Screaming Moments on Film

There are a good number of actors that can make a role believable, and there are even a good many that can reinvent themselves in the process. Gary Oldman is one of those actors that can slip into a role so easily that fans assume this is what he must be like in person. Whether it’s speaking in his native accent or using a completely different one he’s such a masterful presence that fans immediately flock to his character. Of course, then there are those moments when he flips out and starts to yell, as the character, that make one sit back at the impressive range of emotions he displays.

Here are our picks for the best Gary Oldman screaming moments:

5. Zero stones, zero crates! – The Fifth Element

As the much maligned and very obviously hated Zorg, Oldman takes on a very sleazy and shifty role that puts him a in position of tenuous power. He lords his position over others, but when pressed by his enigmatic and completely unseen handler Zorg turns into a rather pathetic, quivering lump of flesh. When wheeling and dealing for what he needs and wants to satisfy his boss however he is all attitude and almost no give.

4. Take him out! – Book of Eli

There isn’t much yelling by his character in this film save for the moment when his guest, played by Denzel Washington, refuses to give up what he has in his pack. As Carnegie he is once again a very detestable character, acting as someone that holds all the power and gives very little to his subordinates. In this role Oldman is less of a sleaze and more of a true tyrant, though he is far more silent until this one scene.

3. You lose, and I win! – Air Force One

Patriotism is a virtue of the vicious according to Oscar Wilde. In this film there is little argument with this statement as Oldman’s character goes to great lengths to secure the release of a Russian general that was locked away in the beginning of the film. While his ideals and goals are quite noble in his own mind it is very evident that what he intends to bring about by releasing the general is a new world order.

2. I did my waiting! 12 years of it, in Azkaban! – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Making his appearance in the third installment of the Harry Potter series, Oldman was at first believed to be a dangerous, maniacal savage that was intent on slaughtering the titular character. Once it’s discovered that he was wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he did not commit however he becomes a fan favorite very quickly. Carefree, arrogant, and a little off balance, Sirrius Black is definitely one of his best roles to date.

1. Everyone!! – The Professional

The absolute definition of crazy, that is what Oldman displays in this film. He shoots anyone in his way, he terrorizes younger children, and he is absolutely determined to get at the one man that has been making his life miserable after taking in the only survivor of his latest killing spree. It’s fair to say that Leon was more than a match for Detective Norman Stansfield.

Gary Oldman is one of the greats. His ability to mold himself around a role is one of the greatest assets that any actor could possibly have, and the star power he brings to any film is sure to make it noteworthy at least.

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