The Five Funniest Movies Scenes Starring Christian Bale

The Five Funniest Movies Scenes Starring Christian Bale

The Five Funniest Movies Scenes Starring Christian Bale

It’s easy to assume that Christian Bale isn’t a comedian and he’s not really one for comedy so you really have to take into account that laughing at some of his scenes takes a rather darker sense of humor that’s hard to appreciate at times. But there are moments in some of his films that are somewhat humorous even if they’re kind of fleeting and are there and gone before you can truly recognize them. Still, you can’t help but smile at some moments just because it seems ironic or because it’s so hopelessly insane that any other reaction wouldn’t be enough to encapsulate the moment.

Seriously, there are some funny moments in his movies.

5. The Dark Knight

When Bruce is finally up against the wall trying to figure out how to deal with the Joker and how to deal with the fact that the city has been turned against him the moment comes when he decides that he will turn himself in. It’s not the best play but at that moment it seems like the only one since the Batman is doing more harm than good to Gotham and the people are getting restless. However when he and Alfred are shutting down the bunker he does make a quip that he’s going to mention it was all Alfred’s idea.

4. American Psycho

Patrick is so wrapped up in his own world that he can’t imagine how anyone else could be having a good time in theirs without thinking about what it would be like to simply get rid of them. That’s his solution to just about anything that he can’t maneuver around or control it seems like. But his attempt to get rid of a guy that has a better business card than him kind of backfires when the guy decides that he likes being choked by a man. Creepy.

3. American Hustle

Irving seems like a really twitchy guy and doesn’t get along with just anyone. He’s really the type that you would rather sit well away from because there’s no telling what kind of hustle he’s going to try to run on you if the two of you should start talking. Of course he tends to think that he’s better than a lot of people as it’s kind of a defense mechanism to avoid having to deal with the fact that he’s kind of a scumbag.

2. The Fighter

Dicky knows that he’s not worth much in the movie but he still tries to play it up like he’s the man and knows just what is what no matter what he’s talking about. The problem with that is that his mouth moves before his mind thinks of the proper thing to say and by the time his mind catches up that ship has sailed and there’s nothing to be done for it. When it comes to his brother though he’s usually right there to take Mickey’s side and support him.

1. Reign of Fire

This was a nice little addition to a movie that kind of went nowhere but was still fun to watch all the same. If anything it’s a throwback to an age before dragons took over and a means of showing children that life isn’t all drudgery and danger.

He’s not a comedian, but he’s a great actor and that kind of balances things out.

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