The Five Best Comedic Movie Scenes Starring Jude Law

Jude Law isn’t exactly known for comedy but he does have his moments when that charming smile and somehow aloof nature can allow him to be pretty funny. Sometimes it’s more of a macabre sense of humor than anything or a calm, composed smile that lends him the quality of being amusing, but it is possible. There are of course those movies that he’s been in that just don’t seem to have any humor at all since honestly they’re not meant to. But humor is one of those things that’s in the eye of the beholder, no matter what the majority of people say. The idea of being funny is usually best left to those that specialize in it, but every now and again those that don’t have a propensity for it can be pretty hilarious or at least skilled enough to turn a clever play on words or a situation to their advantage.

Here are a few clips of Jude Law being at least kind of funny if not hilarious.

5. Repo Men

This was a seriously twisted movie but it had comical undertones despite the seriousness of the situation. Jude and Forrest Whittaker take on the role of repo men, but what they repossess aren’t cars. Instead they take repossession of organs that haven’t been fully paid for, harvesting them from the people that so desperately need them but can’t pay the bill. It seems like a very strange thing for anyone to do but in this strange future it’s something that people absolutely need even if they can’t fully afford to do it. There are a few laughs throughout the movie even though it’s supposed to be quite serious.

4. The Holiday

When two women switch locations for a holiday it becomes a chance for both of them to meet that special someone that they feel they can’t do without and yet know that they might have to leave eventually since they’re on holiday and will have to go home at some point. It’d be more than comical to think of this kind of scene happening in real life, especially since a lot of women wouldn’t take too kindly to being an answering service for both individuals and, of course, one of the women might not be so easygoing as to accept the kind of things that Kate Winslet is supposedly saying to Jude Law.

3. Sherlock Holmes

This relationship gets either very depressing or very comical depending on the situation. Holmes and Watson are meant to go together since they’re a team that is very hard to beat. But overall they still can’t seem to stand one another since Holmes is quite honestly a genius but still someone that tends to see fit to lord that genius over everyone that he believes to be his inferior, which is pretty much everyone. Watson on the other hand is an intelligent man but is also far more capable of relating to the rest of the human race than Holmes is, which is tough for him since he cares about Holmes but also wants to have a life.

2. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald

It remains to be seen yet just how great Jude Law might be as Dumbledore but so far the trailers are making him out to be much more upbeat than his older incarnations. Of course this movie takes place before Tom Riddell managed to turn the wizarding world upside down and when Grindlewald was still the primary concern for those practicing the art of magic. While it won’t be evident until November whether Jude is up to the task or not, what little we’ve seen so far seems to indicate that he’s had fun with the role and should be able to be at least somewhat capable of placating fans.

1. Spy

This is great as a parody since most of the time when you see an English spy you think of someone that’s suave, professional, neatly-pressed and always at the top of their game. This guy is one of the best but is still kind of a dunce at times since he does manage to shoot someone when he sneezes. That kind of negates the whole professional thing since most movie spies wouldn’t be bothered by pollen or dander or any such thing. This movie didn’t manage to get a whole lot of attention despite the depth of talent that was brought in to make it into something that could possibly be a hit. But there were enough funny moments in the film to make it worth watching at least once.

Once again, Jude Law is not a comedian by trade, but he is a good actor and as such he’s able to turn a situation into a fun, laugh-happy moment when he really has the need to do so.

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