The Best Uses of Steve Winwood Songs in Movies

Steve Winwood is the kind of musician that started at an early age and seemed to fall in love with the music since he would actually perform with his father and brother in licensed pubs when he was still too young to be in such places. As he played the piano during these times the instrument had to be turned about so that his back was the to the audience to hide the fact that he was so obviously underage. That didn’t stop him from creating a career that has spanned for decades though and by the time he was in his teens he was fully invested in his music. He’s still active to this day in fact and his daughter, who has taken up a love of singing and performing as well, has performed alongside him. That’s a rather touching legacy to pass on to one’s kin it seems, and something that you can’t help but feel is a positive note between them.

Here are some of his songs as they’ve been heard in movies.

5. Bumblebee – Higher Love

Keep in mind during the first live action Transformers that Bumblebee was the one Autobot that was already on earth. He’d been sent as an advanced scout by Optimus Prime to secure the Allspark and to make sure that earth wasn’t overrun by Decepticons. If anyone remembers this guy from the original cartoon they’d know that while Bumblebee has the biggest heart among the Autobots he’s not the strongest or even the toughest among them. But what he lacks in strength and overall firepower he usually makes up for it in exuberance and a scrappy will to survive that sees him through.

4. Balto – Reach for the Light

However much of this story is true or not it’s still inspiring since Balto is the tale of a half-breed wolf dog that was both loyal and capable when it comes to being a sled dog. The only problem is that no one wants to trust a wolf dog since they think he’s more wild than domesticated. When many children in the small out of the way town he inhabits fall ill though medicine is needed to cure them. The only downfall is that the trip to retrieve the medicine is long and dangerous, and when the sled team goes missing Balto is the one that eventually seeks them out and leads them back to town, thereby saving the children and earning his place in the hearts of the people.

3. Days of Thunder – Gimme Some Lovin’

The world of racing is a place that doesn’t take kindly to those that can’t put their foot on the gas and leave all excuses behind. But when Tom Cruise gets behind the wheel and drops the hammer things get hairy pretty quickly. There’s not a lot of time for friendship on the track but when people come to trust one another and depend on those around them it becomes a race not just against a track full of other cars but a test of real loyalty to see who can put their ego in check just long enough to do something great. The movie was one of the best that Cruise ever put forward, and it was a lot of fun to watch.

2. Minions – I’m A  Man

If someone would have said that at the beginning of Despicable Me that the Minions would end up getting their own movie a lot of people would have laughed. But given the response to the little yellow blobs with eyes, arms, and legs, it’s not too hard to see why their movie took off and was kind of a hit. Their strange language and expressive ways have made them a worldwide phenomenon that has even earned them a float in the Macy’s Day Parade ever since they took off. While the movie is funny it’s still amazing to think that this is what people look at as worthwhile when it comes to what they want to idolize.

1. Flight of the Phoenix – Gimme Some Lovin’

Despite being a remake of another movie this still feels like it should have gotten more credit than it did. The characters actually played out just fine and the story couldn’t have been written much better. Imagine being stuck in the middle of a desert with limited water, supplies, and a group of people that already don’t like each other that much. Then imagine that one of them is a know-it-all that can get the plane to fly after it’s crashed but is still so insufferable that punching him is easy but following his lead is something that seems absolutely interminable. That would be one of the many definitions of an impossible mission when it comes to survival.

Steve has created some great songs throughout the years, but like many artists only a few have ever really stuck around and lodged in the conscious memory of the public.

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