What We Know about Mission Impossible 7 So Far

It’s kind of funny how Kevin Burwick from MovieWeb states that when a movie makes so much that it’s ‘inevitable’ that another movie is going to be made in the same franchise. What really needs to be said is that it’s just inevitable to start with in this day and age. Seriously, if the studios think that they can make money hand over fist by rolling out one old plot after another and putting a brand new, technologically-sound wrapping over it to make sure that the casual viewer doesn’t see that they’re looking at the same movie over and over and over then it’s going to happen and it has happened more than once. When it comes to Mission:Impossible you can bet that it’s going to keep happening throughout the years until Tom Cruise is just too old and frail to do it any longer. Even then he might become head of the team and assign the next big action star to take his place. Hopefully by that point this particular movie franchise will have been hung up and it will finally be admitted that no matter how much the movies make they’re becoming stale and entirely predictable.

Plus, Hunt is starting to get a bit old for this kind of thing. Bryan Alexander of USA Today put a nice little spin on the fact that the last MI installment was seen as some to be some kind of buddy movie right up until it was made clear that Cavill’s character was going to break bad and get into it with Hunt. Even when they were working together however it’s easy to see that Walker and Hunt were never going to be friends since their styles were just too different and aside from that, Hunt is a bit older than Walker and as we could see in the bathroom fight scene he was getting his butt handed to him a couple of times and might not have walked out of there without a little help. In short, Ethan Hunt is getting older, hopefully a little wiser, but he’s definitely not getting any better when it comes to fighting. Even in the final confrontation against Walker he was getting beaten left and right in a fight that back in his younger days might have seen him come out on top with a few scrapes and breath to spare. As it was, this last movie saw him laid up in a hospital bed after the fight. There are times when you just have to know when to call it a day, and so far Ethan Hunt seems to be ignoring the signs.

There’s not a lot known about the next MI movie save for the fact that it’s slated to be released in 2021 and, as Jeff Sneider of Collider and many others have pointed out, it’s going to bring Hayley Atwell to join in the fun. What character she’ll play and what capacity she’ll be seen in isn’t known at this time but it’s fair to say that she’ll probably be playing someone with a no-nonsense attitude and possibly someone that’s going to be insanely tough to pin down. If her past history in other movies and TV shows is any indication she’s not going to be someone that’s just a bystander or someone that will serve as a non-combatant since she’s already developed an on screen persona that’s simply too tough to take anything less than a role that sees her as a seriously aggressive person when she needs to be. Her time as Peggy Carter has kind of made it impossible for people to see her as anything but tough and physically attractive at the same time. Where she’ll fit in with Cruise and his band of misfits is hard to say since they’ve so far dealt with just about every possible stereotype you could think of and there might still be more to come. It’s not a hope that this movie will be horrible enough for the studio to finally see the light and quit, but there does seem to be a line that is just aching to be crossed and those in charge of the MI movies aren’t just searching around for it, they’re blazing a trail for it without seeming to think about what happens once they get there.

Does anyone remember when Mission: Impossible seemed like it was going to be just one movie, a one and done kind of deal? Does anyone even remember who was in the first movie and didn’t seem to get much consideration for their work? Probably not since Ethan Hunt has become the entire franchise and those that have hung around for more than one movie have been fortunate enough that their career is still something to be talked about. That’s right Ving Rhames, we’re talking about you.

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