The Five Best Tom Cruise Movies of His Entire Career

The Five Best Tom Cruise Movies of His Entire Career


There are so many of Tom Cruise’s movies that you might label as some of the best in his career but in many ways this kind of a subject loses its objectivity in a big hurry thanks to the perspective of so many fans. You might think Jerry Maguire was one of his best, or Risky Business, but others might think that such movies don’t even belong on a list like this. The truth is that over the course of his career Cruise has made some sure hits and some major flops and he’s even gone so far as to alienate some of his fans at times with his different views on various subjects. But overall he’s been a great actor and has turned in spectacular performances that have wowed the audience and managed to cement him as one of the greatest and most entertaining actors of all time, no matter that it might be kind of difficult to really come up with a comprehensive ‘best’ list that a lot of people can agree upon.

Here are some of the best movies of his career.

5. Magnolia

This is one of those movies that you really need to sit and pay attention to in order to follow from beginning to end but it does manage to go through three different points of view before all is said and done. Cruise has been known to take on sentimental movies throughout his career and this being one of those it’s a definite stretch of his abilities since he’s been able to do drama but it usually works best with a strong focal point that doesn’t bounce around quite as much. People have been kind of conflicted about this movie for a while, but at the very least it stands out as one of his flicks that did get a decent amount of attention.

4. Born on the Fourth of July

There doesn’t seem to be any right way to remember the Vietnam War or the people that fought and died in it. The war was something that seemed to bring out the worst part of many people no matter how much they believed in their cause, their country, or why they’d enlisted. Ron was one of the many that went overseas and came back with his life in hand but not much else going for him. Those that returned were often spurned and treated so poorly that one has to wonder if they would have signed up had they known what was going to be waiting for them. The truth is that Vietnam War ruined a great many men, and coming home alive wasn’t always a stroke of luck.

3. A Few Good Men

In the Marines you’re expected to help your fellows no matter how weak or strong they are, there are no exceptions. Unfortunately in this movie Santiago isn’t as lucky since he was considered too weak to serve and as a result the dreaded ‘code red’ was carried out under Jessup’s order. The struggle to find the truth that so many were willing to bury however eventually becomes something that Kaffee can’t fully comprehend as it threatens to ruin him and all those that have anything to do with him since the idea of a Marine killing their fellow Marine is something that’s hard to stomach, let alone fathom.

2. Rain Man

It should be easy to admit that if you suddenly find out that you have a brother, and that brother is severely autistic, that it would be a surprise as well as a massive disruption to a person’s life. Thus when Charlie finds out about Raymond he finds it highly unlikely that he will be able to care for his brother but does his best all the same. As you can imagine there’s a great deal of trauma and drama to work through during this movie but at the end Charlie has come to realize what Raymond means to him and has finally embraced him as a brother. Sometimes to slow down in life you really need to figure out what’s important.

1. Top Gun

This is the movie that helped to make Tom Cruise the icon that he is. Maverick is the single most arrogant and capable individual he’s ever played, and we’re placing him OVER Ethan Hunt in terms of arrogance since he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t really think about the team first and foremost but instead will seek the glory in any situation until he finally grows up a bit. At the very least Ethan Hunt happens to care about what happens to his team, whereas Maverick was the kind of guy, or is considering the upcoming sequel, that will gladly find a way to make himself look good while not worrying about anyone else.

He’s definitely going to go down as a legend in show business.Jerry Maguire

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