The Best Uses of Bog Seger Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Bog Seger Songs in Movies or TV

If you don’t know about Bob Seger then it’s time to brush up and get with it because the man has been a legend for some time now and has created some of the best songs to ever be released in musical history. You could say he’s got a hard-hitting style for his genre and you might be accurate or you could argue with a bunch of people and say that he’s got a lot of soul but isn’t quite that hard when it comes to his beat. But honestly Seger is the kind of guy you listen to when you want feelgood music that has a healthy amount of growl to it. He’s written songs that have endured for the last few decades and is still considered to be one of the best musicians that’s ever been produced. Being exposed to music at an early age was a great idea for this guy since it gave him all the inspiration and drive he needed.

Here are a few songs of his that have been used in TV and in movies.

5. Lip Sync Battle – Old Time Rock and Roll

Lip Sync Battle is going to be a go-to entry on most of these lists unless something tops it since the show is something special and a lot of fun to watch. Female audience members likely got a good view of this particular show when Ricky Martin decided to go Risky Business and slide his way on out to the stage. He did a pretty good job of imitating Tom Cruise and moving his lips to the words of Seger and it got a great reaction from the crowd. Quite honestly the only reason he might have been upstaged at all was that his competitor pulled out an old Britney Spears song and ensemble and kind of blew him away it seems.

4. Risky Business – Old Time Rock and Roll

Now who did it better, Cruise or Martin? You’ve got to hand it to Cruise for being the first one to do it in the first place, but Martin did make the effort and he did manage to slide just a bit as he made his entrance. The movie though was pretty good and the fact that Joel is a considered to be such a model citizen and student kind of makes it funny as he gets into one problem after the next after allowing a call girl to come into his home and into his life. What turns into one theft swiftly becomes another, then another, and then another as it takes until the end of the movie for Joel to make everything right.

3. Ray Donovan -We’ve Got Tonight

Considering that a lot of people know who Ray Donovan is and what he’s about, watching him get up on stage and sing is kind of an eye-catching moment since you don’t often think that tough guys on screen will ever really show a softer side. It’s a softer side of Seger as well since the song is one of his best but also one of his crooning tunes that takes the kind of person that can be calm and confident throughout. Obviously Ray has the confident and calm part down, but the idea of him getting up on stage and singing to even a small crowd is something that a lot of people might not have seen coming.

2. Road House – Blue Monday

Road House is one of those movies that you can just watch over and over for various reasons, not the least of which is that it features Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott at their peak. The bad guys in this movie are kind of overblown since most of them couldn’t possibly take either man one on one, well, aside from Jimmy, and considering how deadly they both are even Jimmy didn’t go the distance. But Seger’s voice fits perfectly into this soundtrack since it features a lot of different tunes that are suited perfectly for the movie and give it a kind of bouncy, edgy feel that isn’t silly by any means but isn’t quite as hardcore as it could be.

1. Beverly Hills Cop II – Shakedown

It’s really amusing how when the Beverly Hills Police Department is stumped that Axel Foley comes in and just straightens things out. No, there’s no sarcasm, it’s genuinely funny since he seems to be the only guy in the movie that’s willing to go beyond the reach of the law and really dig in to the criminal underworld in an attempt to see just who’s harming his friends and trying to get them fired. One thing you can say about Axel is, well you can say a lot of things, is that he has his friends’ backs when they’re down and won’t skip out on them, even if it almost costs him his job.

Bob Seger is the kind of guy you can listen to just about whenever, his songs are just that good.

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