The Five Best Songs from the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

Quentin Tarantino has been called a genius for his films and many other things by those that either do or don’t like them, but Pulp Fiction was by and large one of his best ever and the soundtrack only makes that point a little clearer. With the type of cast that was brought on to make this movie what it was and the music that was placed here and there in a strategic manner to make it all that much better this movie was something that made a lot of eyes widen in disbelief but also in dark humor as well as amazement. It was among one of those movies that showcased a comeback for John Travolta and the enduring skills of Samuel L. Jackson, as well as Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, Ving Rhames, and many others that are featured throughout the movie. In fact without the music it seems like it would have been lacking something quite important.

Here are some of the best songs from the movie.

5. You Never Can Tell

This is a moment for Vincent that is just about as hard as anything he has to do in the entire movie since he not only has to take Mia out at his boss’s insistence, he has to show her a good time and not find any way to be attracted to her. This of course is kind of difficult since Mia is a bit of a flirt and likes to do things her own way. But Vincent knows a little too well what happens to people that cross his boss and does his absolute best to please he gets up on stage and dances with the boss’s wife, as only John Travolta can do no less. This was a big comeback for him after all and it was a great way to make himself known again.

4. Flowers on the Wall

It’s amusing that everyone thought Butch was just a big dummy since he was a boxer and took repeated shots to the head throughout a lot of his fights. That was of course how he stayed ahead of those that were after him so long, thy didn’t think he had the smarts to stay clear of them. But then he did almost get caught when he went back to his apartment and encountered Vincent, though thanks to Vincent’s carelessness Butch managed to get the drop on him and shot the hitman with his own gun, which is kind of poetic in a way. But after that Butch was on the verge of getting away clean when fate handed him yet another curveball.

3. Jungle Boogie

Tarantino has a very set idea of what kind of music he wants in his films and it’s either because he happens to love the era or because it simply works with the type of films he cares to shoot, or both. But the music does help set the tone and even contributes to the setting since if you’ll notice a lot of what goes on in this movie does seem like it’s set in a certain time period and doesn’t seem too modern or too dated. It’s almost as though Tarantino wants you to either guess what time period he’s working in or make up your own mind and just start making assumptions based on the things you see.

2. Son of a Preacher Man

It’s a bit funny but Vincent is stoned out of his mind when he rolls into the Wallace home and looks completely lost when it comes to taking a simple direction on finding the intercom. Mia on the other hand seems to be enjoying watching her visitor/date wander around as she surveys him and then gives him instructions on what to do. This is the kind of pairing that you might worry about if you were the husband and the boss, but Vincent is adamant about this not being a date and it’s kind of fun to assume that he went into this thing stoned just to kind of avoid remembering anything that went on during the night.

1. Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon

Things definitely started getting a bit close when Mia and Vincent returned to the Wallace residence and it would almost seem that he was about to break his own personal rule abound fooling around with the boss’s wife. But you can give credit to Vincent for one thing, he was definitely on his way out when he found Mia nearly comatose and dying from snorting the heroin she found in the pocket of his coat. From that point on it was kind of a race to the dealer to try and save her life so that his boss wouldn’t take it personally and wax him on basic principle. You know, a fitting end to a night and all.

Pulp Fiction is a great movie, but not without its soundtrack.

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