The Best Uses of Ozzy Osbourne Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Ozzy Osbourne Songs in Movies or TV

A lot of folks will no doubt think of Black Sabbath when they think of Ozzy Osbourne, but in truth he’s been just as successful, if not more so, after leaving the band than he was with them. One song in particular, that you’ll find on this list in more than one spot, has elevated him to the status of a musical legend and made him the kind of guy that you look to as a genius despite the fact that he dropped out of school when he was still in his teens. That being said however Ozzy, for all the disturbing behavior he’s been known for throughout the years, is still one massively entertaining individual and knows how to put on the kind of show that you won’t soon forget. It does seem odd that you can barely understand him until he starts raising his voice, but that’s just a part of what makes Ozzy who he is.

Here are a couple of his songs as used in movies and TV.

5. Tag -Crazy Train

People don’t tend to think much about the game of tag after they grow up since it’s kind of a simple game that relies heavily on simply running around and trying to touch another person. I mean who wants to do that when you can glue yourself to a monitor all day and interact with people across the world? Well to be honest the guys in the movie take it to a new level that kind of managed to excite a lot of people since when you really think about it the game of tag has so many different ways it could be played and this movie seems to illustrate a lot of them, as well as the lengths that the guys go to in order to avoid being ‘it’ for an entire year.

4. 2012 Honda Commercial – Crazy Train

Anyone remember this commercial? This was kind of a surprise when it came out but it got a lot of attention when it did, at least as long as it was still airing. Nowadays you can find it online but it’s not airing since 2012 has come and gone and people don’t want to be bothered with what happened years ago unless it’s pertinent enough for their purposes. But hearing one of your favorite songs from years ago on a car commercial might make you feel old, unless you get the inkling that it’s being made into something rather amusing in an attempt to make an homage out of it that you’ll remember from time to time.

3. Friday Night Smackdown WWE – I Don’t Wanna Stop

When you want to turn up the adrenaline on WWE you book someone that’s been known to have crowds on their feet and ready to froth at the mouth, and that’s Ozzy to be perfectly honest. The moment the guy comes out on stage his fans are simply there, no matter if they were thinking about him or not. Some might remember him in Black Sabbath and some might just think he’s the greatest artist to ever live, but nearly everyone tends to get into the act when he’s on stage singing into the mic and getting them pumped up. It doesn’t even matter what song it is, but some of them do manage to get people riled up even more.

2. Ghost Rider – Crazy Train

The story of the Ghost Rider is one that is actually pretty cool when you really think about it. When you take into consideration that even hell has bounty hunters it makes his story that much more intense since he’s not so much the servant of the devil as he is the servant of justice that he eventually becomes. If anything he’s Mephisto’s weapon, someone that’s kept in check until he’s needed. But once he’s free there’s just no stopping the Rider unless someone that powerful comes along, and even in this event the Rider tends to have a few trump cards up his sleeve that manage to help him out.

1. The Simpsons – Crazy Train

When it comes to letting Bart do pretty much whatever he wants you simply know that chaos is about to come along since the kid is really no good unless he absolutely wants to be and that’s a rarity that comes along every blue moon, if that often. The idea of giving a kid like that leeway to have his way with anything and everything is just disaster waiting to happen and torment without cease since any other time Bart would probably still be a holy terror but would at least be held in check by those that are able to tower over him and lay down the law. Without that system of checks and balances though Bart is bound to be as bad as he can be.

Crazy, but that’s how it goes.

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