Great Uses of Songs in Movies: Burn by The Cure in “The Crow”

The Crow seemed custom-made for bands like The Cure and its song Burn. The travesty that occurred to Erik and Shelly was horrible, but as he lay dying you can see that Erik was marking them all as the last bit of life was ebbing from his veins. This was a tale of love that was shattered by something both evil and so random that it was deemed by some higher power to be something that needed to avenged. So was the Crow born, returning to the world for the purpose of tracking down those that had wronged him, that had taken the love of his life away from him, and had shattered something so beautiful that only the promise of revenge would serve as repayment.

Erik Draven was a man reborn, and his vengeance was to be swift and terrible as he used Devil’s Night to deliver to justice those that had dared to take from him what belonged to no other. His revenge was poetic in a way as he took each man that had dared to lay a hand on his fiancee. The last image that each of them would see was the ghostly visage of the specter that had been raised to send them to depths where they belonged. Tin Tin fell to his own blades in an ironic twist, while Funboy was given a lethal dose of whatever poison he’d favored. T-Bird was immolated with his namesake, while Skank couldn’t escape the justice that he’d tried to run from. But that wasn’t it of course.

The big boss, the man behind the group that ruined his life, was the one that had set the four upon them, and he had to be taken down as well. Erik couldn’t rest until every last piece of the puzzle was set into place, though unfortunately the source of his power was taken from him shortly before the final battle. While the crow wasn’t dead, it certainly wasn’t able to protect him any longer as the magic had been sundered. This meant that Erik was once again mortal and despite his valiant effort he was run through by Top Dollar, the agony of being mortal causing him to crumble upon the roof where their battle had taken place. But Erik had one final card up his sleeve, and it only took getting Top Dollar to come close enough to use it.

He’d absorbed the memories of those that had been with Shelly as she lay dying on the operating table, taking in the agonizingly long hours of pain that she’d endured while calling his name, perhaps hoping that he would be okay. The horror of this had staggered him so badly that he’d almost collapsed in the apartment of the beat cop that he’d met outside of Gideon’s after burning it to the ground. It was burden he didn’t want any longer, and it was the final weapon he had to use. So he did, placing both hands upon Top Dollar’s face as he willingly transferred the memories, slamming them forcefully into Top Dollar’s mind as he growled “Thirty hours of pain, all at once, all for you!” Just imagine the agony that must have coursed through Top Dollar’s mind in that moment as he fell from the roof. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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