The Top Uses of “The Hey Song” In Movies or TV

The Top Uses of “The Hey Song” In Movies or TV

The Hey Song was created by Gary Glitter and it’s been used for numerous sporting events throughout the years.  Chances are if you’ve been to a live game or have watched on TV you’ve probably heard it more than once. It’s the kind of song that can get you pumped up and really into the game and serves as a catalyst for that necessary adrenaline rush that athletes need to keep themselves going. It’s a fun song that’s easy to get into and isn’t demanding in the least when it comes to lyrics. As far as it pertains to anything other than sporting events it’s still strong enough to give a person an emotional boost that can keep them moving forward, but it’s definitely more effective in a sports venue of some sort.

Here are a few examples that show how useful it can be.

5. Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is the kind of guy that might destroy a sport if he’s not tempered by something or someone that can bring him down to reality. As it is it takes a while for Chubbs to really get through to him. Once he does however there’s no stopping him and Shooter soon comes to realize that this could very well be the end of his career and his chance at the gold jacket.

4. The Jock Jam Megamix

Back in the 90’s Jock Jams were some of the most popular songs mashed together and remixed in order to pump up the adrenaline quotient in an attempt to get people pumped for sporting events. They were also very helpful during training and could be heard quite often during cheerleader tryouts, since many troupes would use these songs to run their routines.

3. Meet the Fockers

Bernie Focker vs. Jack Burns seems like it might be a tad bit unfair. After all Jack used to be a CIA operative and Bernie has just been learning Capoeira so he’s likely not all that great at it. But on the football field, well, the improvised football field, Bernie seems to reign supreme since he puts Jack on the ground with a well-timed tackle that looks worthy of a penalty flag.

2. The Replacements

Let’s hope the NFL doesn’t come down to this, but if it did and the replacement players were this good then I think I’d still watch. It’s more about the game than it is the players more or less, and those willing to play and play well should be rewarded for it. Plus, guys playing for a lower salary are usually more entertaining since they tend to play harder.

1. The Full Monty

One of the first non-sport uses of this song is just, well, disturbing. I’ll admit I was trying to find The Mighty Ducks and couldn’t find the clip that uses this song. But the Full Monty is kind of a strange movie, not to mention a bit campy in many spots. There’s probably a good reason why it was forgotten but back in the day it was considered something new and exciting.

Anytime you hear this song come on you know that something interesting is about to go down.


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