Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ Performed In The Style Of Different Musical Genres

After listening to the song Wonderwall by Oasis in so many different musical genres, I’m convinced that some people simply get bored and find things to do at random. If that sounds mean I do apologize but how else would anyone think up these stories and ideas for YouTube? There’s a whole world out there in which ideas can blossom and come to fruition and yet we get strange pieces like this that warrant enough attention because they are strange and unusual and somehow make us stop and watch, much as some people would stop and ogle a car wreck since it’s not a common occurrence in some parts of the world.

Plus, how do birds and a toilet count as a musical instrument? Birds I can understand, but a toilet flushing? I don’t generally think of good music when I think of that, more or less I picture stuff that I don’t listen to when a toilet flushes. This guy however managed to come up with a lot of different ways to play Wonderwall that were either very recognizable or barely recognizable save for the form of the song. If you know it well enough then you can pick the track out of each attempt that he makes since it’s got a very recognizable sound that is hard to confuse with anything else unless you haven’t heard it all that much.

Part of the reason is I can remember listening to this song in high school and in all the years since. It’s been one of my favorites and can pick me up when I’m in a bad mood or it can just be a fun song to listen and sing along to. I’ll fully admit that I’ve never thought of playing it in so many different versions so that it could barely be recognized though. YouTube is definitely a haven for anyone that’s got an idea or has something they want to show to the world that might be revolutionary or might just be something else to ignore. It’s kind of a toss-up just where this clip would land but a lot of people would at least glance at it before moving on.

Maybe it’s because it butchers a favorite song or maybe it’s because of something else that’s a little more personal for each individual, but I can see how this would make a lot of people’s playlists and then get shoved to the side or deleted altogether. It’s not the worst clip to ever come across YouTube and in some regards it’s kind of interesting because like I’ve already said someone must have been just sitting around and somehow come up with this idea and thought it was noteworthy. The time and effort he put into this video surely was worth something, at least a few hits and views that he could use to bolster his numbers, right?

Who knows, he could be a new YouTube sensation by the end of the month or sooner, though of course by next month  someone else might take that title.

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