Bumblebee’s Connection with The Fans is Important

Bumblebee’s Connection with The Fans is Important
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Plenty of fans have selected their favorite characters from the Transformers movies, and one among them usually stands out when people talk about him since Bumblebee has been one of the most endearing characters in the movies since the first live-action feature came to the big screen. Before this development, it’s fair to say that a lot of people might not have known much about the yellow Transformer that traditionally turned into a VW Bug, but once the movies started up, he became the favorite of many since not only did he turn into a Camaro in Michael Bay’s movies, he ended up being one of the most courageous Autobots in the group, no matter that he was one of the smallest and didn’t carry the same heavy firepower that others did. Bumblebee was seen to stand up to some of the biggest Decepticons in the movie when he needed to since backing down wasn’t an option. It’s true that he didn’t take on the likes of Megatron and a few others that could have eliminated him quickly, but all the same, he’s still done his part and more throughout the franchise, and if one is being honest, he’s kept things together throughout the years as well. 

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Bumblebee’s solo movie doesn’t appear to make a seamless transition into the Michael Bay movies, but there’s still a connection. 

If one takes a look at how Michael Bay’s movie started and how the Bumblebee solo movie ended, it’s kind of obvious that the two don’t mesh quite as well. But what fans have started getting used to, even as they continue to criticize, is that the Transformers movies don’t have a lot of continuity to them unless one figures that they’re taking place in different eras or in different dimensions. If Beast Wars is to show anything, it might be that the Autobots and Decepticons are going to be going to parallel universes or different dimensions, or the filmmakers are going to expect people to just roll with what they’re being given. The one constant among the movies, though, is that people do love Bumblebee, and it’s fair to think that they might be coming back because he’s still there. It’s a stretch to think in this way, but it’s one of the many things that might actually be true when it comes to explaining these movies. 

His abilities have been altered, to be certain, but they’ve made him a little more interesting. 

The Autobot has been altered more than once since his inclusion into the live-action movies, since at this point, he can disassemble his body and then come back together, creating a devastating effect to his enemies as his parts basically fly back together without worrying about what’s in their path. His transformation into a Camaro was interesting, to say the least, but thinking that he’s been through a few transitions at this point is kind of natural since the Transformers would likely be expected to change with the times in order to blend in a little better. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that he’s not the powerhouse that his companions are, since his firepower is lethal when he’s up close and personal, but it’s kind of ineffectual otherwise. What he’s best at is hand to hand to hand combat and acting as a scout for the Transformers. He can dish out the pain, but he’s not the bruiser that Hound or Ironhide have been in the past. 

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credit: Bumblebee

He might not be the most powerful Transformer, but he’s one of the most determined. 

One thing about Bumblebee is that what he lacks in size and strength, he makes up for in heart. This is the kind of robot that doesn’t give up when he can find a way out since he’s fought against a few powerful Decepticons and held his own, finding ways to at least make the fight challenging instead of going down easily. He’s even taken on Nemesis Prime, and despite being outclassed, he didn’t quit since he was attempting to get his friend, Optimus Prime, to wake up and realize what he was doing. This is one of the reasons why people have come to love the Autobot. He’s nothing if not loyal to his companions. 

When all is said and done, he’s become the face of the Transformers. 

There’s no doubt that Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and that others have their specific place in the group, but Bumblebee is, without any doubt, the heart and soul of the group. The idea of being the face of the Transformers is easy enough since he’s a fan favorite, and people have made it clear that he’s the most useful link between the movies since Bee can take on the leadership role if he needs to, but will always do what’s best for his people. 

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