Jimmy Buffett Brings “Margaritaville” to a Broadway Theater

Jimmy Buffett Brings “Margaritaville” to a Broadway Theater

Jimmy Buffet is going to be bringing Margaritaville to Broadway in the production of Escape to Margaritaville. As you can imagine the iconic song that almost everyone has hummed or sang along to at least once in their lives is going to be featured, and a lot of the cast will be reprising their roles on a small, relaxed island paradise. The story will feature a host of characters that will add to the overall experience as well as the carefree bartender played by Paul Alexander-Nolan and the career-minded scientist that attempts to disrupt the bartender’s casual, laid back view of the world.

The production promises to be something that people can enjoy as they watch the lives of the characters unfold and the story continue to roll on as the experience takes hold. For those that love a good story at a moderate pace and without too much challenge to be laid down by the narrative this would be the perfect play to come and see. By now you might have at least looked up the song by Jimmy Buffet or have been singing it to yourself while reading. It’s okay, it happens. The song is kind of contagious really and just gets into your head until you find yourself singing along without even realizing it. Perhaps that will be part of the magic of the production as well, since it’s bound to be filled with music, good times, and the kind of acting that will make a person glad they came to see it.

Such productions are typically something that a lot of people might take a look at and decide to either go for a nice change of pace or avoid just because they want something laden with a little more drama and a lot more conflict. This play however seems designed for those that just want a great story and something to feel good about, which is a really nice change of pace when you think about it. So much drama exists in theater productions that going to see something that won’t pull at your heartstrings in such a savage manner could be a nice and relaxing evening that will be a memorable time at the theater and something of a break from the otherwise busy world that surrounds us and demands so much at times. The story is bound to take off in enough different directions that people won’t be wanting for some action and excitement at least, but it still seems like it will be a different sort that is more uplifting than anything.

Margaritaville has been one of the many classic songs that has been sung for a long time now, well, since the 1970’s at least, and has been a big hit on the party scene as well as when people are just feeling a bit whimsical and want something fun to listen to. The idea of adding it into a production like this is just icing on the cake really.

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