5 Reasons Why Transformers are Better than Gobots

5 Reasons Why Transformers are Better than Gobots
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This argument kind of feels like one that kids might have with each other when it comes to having the trendiest and most impressive toys since back in the day, there was something to be said about those who could afford Transformers, G.I. Joes, and who didn’t have to search the bargain bins at cheaper stores for something similar.

The main idea with toys is to have fun with them, but when something is given a lot of hype, there are plenty of people that happen to think that price, flashy colors, and better marketing make all the difference. It’s true that Transformers did manage to create a lot more buzz than Gobots, an idea that predated the Transformers by a year in terms of being released to the public.

But even if the Gobots came out first, they weren’t able to stand against the hype that the Transformers came with, since to this day, the fact remains that a lot of people will laugh when talking about the Gobots, as only a small percentage of people will defend the idea. 

Here are five reasons why the Transformers are greater than the Gobots. 

5. The Gobots are kind of like bargain-basement Transformers. 

It could be that they simply fell prey to bad marketing, or maybe they were more like a prototype idea that was waiting to give way to the Transformers. But the reality is that their popularity went down very quickly when their far more animated and impressive replacements came along.

Trying to find a Gobot for sale these days isn’t impossible, but you’re not bound to find them in most toy aisles since the Transformers are a little too popular and there’s not a great chance that stores are going to carry something that won’t sell at all, versus something that might stall out now and then but remain a strong item with a competitive price. 

4. The Gobots came first, but the Transformers caught the attention of the kids. 

A year isn’t such a long time to be around before another great idea comes along, especially if it’s similar and could possibly usurp the initial idea in a way that kids will enjoy more. There are a few reasons why the Gobots would be left behind, but from their appearance to the overall story, one has to admit that a lot of times, kids are kind of fickle and will be distracted by something new and shiny.

The Transformers offered that new, shiny look since they were akin to the Gobots, but they took the transformations to a new level that a lot of kids couldn’t help but be amazed by. Being first doesn’t always mean being the best, unfortunately. 

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3. There’s more character development in Transformers.

It’s fair to say that not a lot of people will remember this, but with every Transformer, there was a bit of description as to who the character was, what their motivation was, and what their part in the whole war between Autobots and Decepticons was. The descriptions given of these characters helped in a big way since they gave kids their story and allowed them to think of the grand picture without having to fill in that many gaps. The Gobots did have character development, but not on the same level as the Transformers, and it does feel as though this might have been one of the biggest mistakes made with the franchise. 

2. Even the villains have better development in Transformers. 

Tell me honestly, what name strikes greater fear into a person’s heart when it’s spoken aloud, Cy-kill or Megatron? Some people might go back and forth between the two, but there was a definite sense of dread when Megatron’s name was spoken, while Cy-kill didn’t really sound that imaginative since the main villain of the Gobots did transform into a motorcycle. Get it?

Plus, as it’s been mentioned by a few people, the Gobots looked like slightly modified versions of their vehicle forms, while the Transformers took on humanoid appearance a lot of the time when they transitioned from one form to another, and their transformation was made more complete. 

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1. The Transformers made more sense when they transitioned from vehicle form. 

From their mobility to their forms, the Transformers made a lot more sense when they transformed since they appeared entirely functional in both forms, as it pertained to their actual function. The Gobots, many of them, looked as though they were defying the laws of physics at every turn when they transformed, but the fact is that kids still enjoyed them for a while until the Transformers came along.

The fact is that a lot of kids enjoyed the fact that in the cartoons and the movies, at least, the Transformers could transition from a vehicle form to a fully mobile and functioning robot form that didn’t still convey that much of their vehicle form. 

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