5 Best Brian Tyree Henry Movies and TV Shows

5 Best Brian Tyree Henry Movies and TV Shows

Whether Brian Tyree Henry is playing an immortal in the MCU’s Eternals or an upcoming rapper from Atlanta, this actor has proven that there is no role he can’t play. 

Comedy Central

Credit: Comedy Central

Brian Tyree Henry is an American actor born in D.C with a diverse acting range that only a few actors in Hollywood can muster. You only have to look at his IMDb page for proof. He’s recently become a favorite of Hollywood producers, and we can’t get enough of him on the big screen! 

Before getting his break-out role in Fox’s,  Atlanta, Tyree studied at the prestigious Yale Graduate Drama school, responsible for other talents like Lupita Nyongo. With a mix of funny and dramatically gritty tv shows and movies, it’s clear Brian Tyree is here to stay.  

1. Marvel’s Eternals-2021

Are you looking for a dose of fantasy to watch? Well, dive into the Marvel cinematic universe with The Eternals and meet the immortal Phastos, played by Brian Tyree Henry. Phastos is an Eternal created by the Celestials to help civilizations advance and protect them from deviants-also created by the celestials.

The Eternals

Credit: The Eternals

After a disagreement between The Eternals while on earth and Athena’s deteriorating mental health, this group of immortals decides to live separate lives. During an interview on the night of the movie’s premiere, Tyree made it clear that he wanted to motivate other young black boys when they saw him on screen. In the movie,  Phastos, the inventor, ends up happily married to Ben Stoss, raising their son, Jack, in the suburbs. When the deviants return to earth, the Eternals must reunite to fight the evil, but this time they are forced to face their mortality and origins in the process!

2. Bullet Train-2022

If you want to watch something exciting and thrilling, this fun-filled action comedy movie is the one to go for! Brian is part of this movie’s assassin duo named ‘the twins,’ Lemon(Brian Tyree) and Tangerine (Aaron Taylor Johnson). And they’ve been sent on Japan’s bullet train to do a job. 

Bullet Train

Credit: Bullet Train

You’ll have fun keeping up with Lemon and Tangerine as they try to stay alive before the trains final stop. Brian makes the character likable despite killing being his day job and but watching him beside Aaron Taylor Johnson (Tangerine), Joey King (Prince), and Ladybug, played by the talented Brad Pitt, as they try to outsmart each other to stay alive. You’ll be glued to your screen, wondering who will make it to the end. Here are the five best moments from the movie Bullet train.

3. Atlanta-( 2016- )

Most people recognize Brian Tyree Henry from his famous Alfred / PaperBois character in the epic FX comedy-drama, Atlanta. Atlanta is an American comedy series starring Lakeith Stanfield, David Glover, and (Alfred)Brian Tyree Henry. It is a must-watch! He plays a multifaceted rapper on the show, and most people like his character for his sharp sense of humor. Tyree adds a surprising vulnerability to the character while still being relatable with the uncertain future ahead of him.


Credit: Atlanta

Atlanta creates the perfect trio! Brian is convincing as a retired rapper, and you’ll be waiting to see what he’s up to when every episode starts! This comedy-drama show has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Comedy Series, so give this FOX show a chance. Also, with four seasons already available to stream, you’lllgetst the chance to see how good of an actor Brian Tyree is.

4. The Outside Story -2020

The Outside Story was Brian’s first leading role in a film. And he didn’t disappoint. Tyree Henry plays Charles Young, a film editor in Brooklyn, who ends up locked outside his house while picking up an order. 

The Outside Story

Credit: The Outside Story

This is a crisis for Charles because he prefers to spend time in his house rather than interacting with his neighbors. With nowhere to go, he’s forced to talk to his neighbors as he tries to get back into his home. If you’re looking for a funny movie to keep you laughing tonight, this is one of Brian Tyree Henry’s best comedy films.

5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse -2018

In this animated movie, Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse, Brian Tyree Henry plays Miles Morales’ father, Jefferson Davis. Being a cop parent, Jefferson wasn’t thrilled with Spider-Man’s vigilante form of justice. Brian Tyree brings depth and emotion to this parenting role that we didn’t think was possible.

Spider Man Into the Multiverse

Credit: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The ‘I love you’ scene and every other moment Jefferson shared with his dad is adorable to watch. The representation of a loving black father tugs at our heartstrings, and Brian Henry is responsible for that. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has several heart-wrenching performances, which explains why it won the Oscars for Best Animated Film. If you want to know more about this star, here are five things you didn’t know about Brian Tyree Henry. 



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