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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts won’t be arriving until June of 2023, but there’s plenty of time between now and then to debate how things are going to turn out and, of course, which characters are going to be seen judging by the trailer. So far, it looks impressive in terms of the effects,  but trying to get the gist of the story is bound to confuse a lot of people since it does sound as though things are going to be a little complicated when it comes to the Autobots meeting their bestial counterparts. One thing that’s easy to note with the Transformers is that there’s always a huge threat to be met and countered at some point since the long history that they come with involves a great deal of warfare, not to mention the stubborn and heroic nature of the Autobots, who are often outnumbered and don’t always have the kind of numbers that are bound to help them win the day. If anything, the idea appears that when it comes to the Transformers, being evil is far more appealing than being good, at least for a large number of their race. 

It would appear that Optimus Prime is going back to his original vehicle form. 

Fans of the Transformers from the 80s will no doubt remember that Optimus Prime transformed into a cab-over truck that was widely marketed initially. It was Michael Bay that brought the Peterbilt look to Prime in the first live-action Transformers movie. While it was an excellent and new look to go along with many of the other Transformers, seeing Prime back in his initial vehicle form is kind of cool since it promises a return to something that a lot of lifelong fans will no doubt appreciate. It’s fair to think that some folks might grouse about the look, but at this time, it does feel as though it’s a little more impressive and a lot easier to process when it comes to the overall transformation. It looks as though Bumblebee is being allowed to keep the Camaro form, and even the Beastwars Transformers are being kept roughly the same.  

Hopefully, there will be enough exposition to explain how things have come to this point. 

There’s been an explanation for this movie posted online for a while, but it still feels as though it’s being told in a roundabout way that is bound to keep a few people in the dark, especially those who aren’t aware of how the Transformers have changed over the years. Like many franchises, this one has been ripped up and redone more than once, but bringing the G1 Transformers and the Beastwars era together is highly ambitious since, despite the explanations given, both parts of the franchise were very different, and it’s easy to think that it could be one huge CGI mess that won’t fire on all cylinders, thereby giving fans a great deal of ammunition to use when it comes to their comments and criticisms, which are coming without any doubt. 

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The fighting appears to be taking on a grander scale in this movie. 

One thing that the Transformers movies haven’t done in a lot of the installments is to create a wider battlefield that can showcase multiple robots attacking each other all at once. In the trailer, it appears that this might happen, even if it’s bound to be a matter of seconds per battle. The point, however, is that the audience will get a better idea of how many combatants there really are and what the price of their war really is since these are huge, robotic combatants that can tear apart a countryside with very little effort when they really get going. The idea that the Transformers will be fighting out in the open and not entirely in a city or small town is kind of interesting since, up until now, many of the major fights that have taken place in these movies have been done with plenty of covers that can be used to explain why not every combatant is seen at all times. 

Fans will no doubt be excited to see more of their favorites appear on screen. 

Already it appears as though some of the favorite characters from the different generations are going to be showing up and showing out in a very impressive way. Mirage, Airazor, Arcee, Rhinox, and several others can be seen in the trailer, which should make a lot of people very happy. How many speaking parts these characters are going to get is up for debate, but at the moment, it’s simply great to see them since expanding the roster just a bit sounds like a great idea for the next Transformers movie in line, and it could be a reason why people might be able to embrace it a little easier. 

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