Why The Show Insecure is Ending After Five Seasons

When Insecure debuted on HBO in the fall of 2016, it was a huge moment for multiple reasons. For Issa Rae, who had built a large following with her YouTube series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, the series represented her mainstream ‘making it’ moment. For fans, the series represented the type of content that many felt had been missing for far too long. With that being said, you can imagine how upset people were when they found out that the fifth season of the show would be its last. Even though it’s no secret that all good things come to an end, lots of fans were hoping that the end of Insecure wouldn’t be coming any time soon. Keep reading to find out why Insecure is ending after five seasons.

Why Season Five Is The End

Since season one, viewers have been on an interesting ride with Issa as she navigates the ups and downs of friendships and romantic relationships. We’ve seen her go through breakups, bounce backs, and financial hardships. At the end of season four, she was at a place where lots of things in her life were uncertain and viewers felt like this opened up lots of possibilities for the storyline to continue for many seasons to come. Unfortunately, however, that just wasn’t in the cards. Apparently, Issa never planned on letting the show run indefinitely. During an interview with People, Issa said, “I’ve been wrapping my head around this since candidly, season 3. But I’m so grateful to be able to play this character, who is obviously a version of me, and in the same way that I want this character to grow, I want to be able to grow too. So I think that’s what comes with it — I’ve played her for a long time, and I have so much more that I want to do.” Issa also expressed her gratitude for the show and all of the people who were a part of it. Insecure is something she will always be able to look back on with fond memories. Although it’s sad to see the show end a lot earlier than people would’ve liked, it’s nice to know that Issa is able to end it on her own terms and give the series the kind of ending it deserves. It’ll be nice to see all of the characters’ storylines get some closure.

What To Expect From Season Five

When season four ended, Issa was at a crossroads in more ways than one. She was on the brink of getting back with her ex, Lawrence, only to find out that he was expecting a child with his ex-girlfriend. On top of that, Issa’s friendship with Molly was still at odds. Although they both made efforts to get things back on track, it appeared they were at a place where they may have simply outgrown each other. To make things even more complicated, Issa’s ex, Nathan, who had previously ghosted her, popped back up to express his regret. All of those things have created the perfect setup for season five. Will Issa decide to stay with Lawrence even though he has a baby on the way? Will Molly and Issa be able to get back to a good place. Honestly, all of those things could go either way. Some are hoping that all of the relationships work themselves out (although it won’t be possible for Issa to work things out with Lawrence and Nathan simultaneously). Others, however, are seeing the current situation as a great chance for Issa to shed some baggage and move on to the next chapter in life. No matter which direction the show decides to take, we know that Issa and the team are going to give us great stories.

What Is Issa Rae Working On Next

Just because Insecure is ending doesn’t mean that Issa is going to slow down. In fact, it will actually be quite the opposite. Without Insecure, Issa will have more freedom to work on other projects and that’s exactly what she will be doing. Her reality show, Sweet Life: Los Angeles, recently debuted on HBO Max and seems to be doing well. She also has several other projects in the works including a TV series called Rap Sh*t and a two-part docuseries called Seen & Heard. When Insecure started, it was the biggest thing Issa had ever done. However, as time passes, it will become one of many things on a long list of impressive projects and accomplishments.

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