Sounds Like Black Adam 2 is Already Being Planned

It kind of sounds as though Black Adam has been in the planning stage for a long time now when it comes to the DCEU, which would explain why there’s already a plan for a Black Adam 2. It’s not a bad plan really, but one has to think it’s going to change if the numbers aren’t where those in charge want to see them at one point or another, especially since one can already say with some certainty that the DCEU has dropped the ball on its own characters. While it’s true that the DCEU has managed to bring forth a few very impressive movies that have done quite well, and that planning so far ahead is better than waiting to see what will happen, there’s still the idea that things change and plans have to be altered. It’s easy to think that those running the DCEU will have anticipated this and will be thinking of how they can perform damage control if things don’t go the way they want. There is a big hope that everything will turn out just fine, but the reality is that things can change overnight. 

Depending on how the first movie goes, the second may or may not need to make a few changes before it really gets rolling along. It’s not just the Black Adam movie that’s being talked about either, since this movie is already being said to be heralding a number of spinoffs that are bound to broaden the horizons of the DCEU. That should be good news, and it is for the most part, but at the same time it’s something to be wary of simply because while DC isn’t really trying to compete with Marvel, as it’s been said, they still are in a way since the MCU is still chugging full-speed ahead, more or less, and have been bringing out one story after another that will be continuing to roll forward since the Hawkeye series starts soon, The Eternals just came out, and in 2022 all the way to 2024 it’s been established that many more MCU properties will be hitting the theaters and Disney+ as the characters continue to be introduced and the plot lines continue to lead toward yet another major event. 

Black Adam might be the shot in the arm that DC really needed, and which was set up by the success of movies such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam. The success of other movies such as Justice League doesn’t appear to factor in when speaking to fans or anyone else since even the Snyder Cut has been maligned by some folks that were expecting it to be the definitive movie that would bring DC a big win that would push them forward. Some would say that it managed to do that, but at the moment there’s still a big question mark in the minds of many people that are wondering what DC is going to bring next in order to make certain that people know that they are moving forward. Sometimes it’s harder for fans and casual observers to see this since they might pay too much attention to the critics or to the naysayers that give their candid, and sometimes unwanted, opinions to those that aren’t seeking them. 

But so far it would appear that Black Adam is coming right along and the belief that the sequel will be headed out eventually once the first movie releases and people see how great it is could be confirmed since the DCEU isn’t slowing down, or at least isn’t planning on it. The only thing about planning this far in advance is that even with every possible factor thought about and even covered, there’s a good idea that something might happen to foul it up along the way. The hope is that this doesn’t happen, but as it’s been seen over the past decade and more, a lot of things can happen to derail a movie, and it doesn’t need to be anything big, it could be something that’s hiding in the wings so to speak that will grow into a massive problem since no one saw it coming in the first place. At the moment it sounds like Black Adam is rolling forward without any complications, so I’ll stop with the doomspeak for now. 

Having a sequel already on hand and ready to be developed is a wise plan in this day and age since it’s better to have something that might be needed and not need it eventually than need it and not have it. Even if Black Adam did have a few issues at the box office, which it likely won’t, there’s always the chance that a sequel will still go ahead. It’s Dwayne Johnson, after all, people are almost always willing to see what he’s up to. 

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