10 Movie Soundtracks That Became Synonymous With Their Movies

10 Movie Soundtracks That Became Synonymous With Their Movies

credit: Titanic

Movies can have soundtracks that would perform so well that they are remembered by a lot of people. And in some cases, they would be the footprint that the movie would leave in the world. Below, we will bring you 10 songs that were so memorable. They became “synonymous” with the movie where they came from!

10. Do You Hear the People Sing?

10 Movie Soundtracks That Became Synonymous With Their Movies

credit: Les Misérables

This song from the musical Les Misérables has now become a protest song, with some countries translating it into their local languages. It was a call for revolution. It was a spark that ignited the people’s hearts to overthrow an oppressive government. In French, it is called À la volonté du Peuple (To the Will of the People).

Recent usages of the song as a protest anthem include protests in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

9. All I Want is You

All I Want is You is the opening music from Juno (2007). It can be described as a funky and goofy song that was very catchy. The lyrics were funny as well, enumerating some unlikely scenarios and complementing them, for example, “If you were the floor, I’d wanna be the rug.

This song became the most memorable soundtrack from the movie and even outside of it.

8. Le Festin (English: The Feast)

This is a French song that most of the viewers would know the beat, the melody, and (probably) the lyrics, but not the title. This is the song that came from Ratatouille and became one of the French songs that went viral in the Anglosphere out of context, alongside Je Te Laisserai Des Mots.

The song’s message was about achieving your dreams without caring about what others around you say.

7. All Star

This one is like number 9, as this came from a movie’s beginning scene. It played in Shrek (2001), where the audience is introduced to Shrek’s lifestyle while some names are being shown in random places as credits.

All Star became well known as something that played in the Shrek movie. A simple Google search of the title of the song alone is enough for you to be sent to the Shrek opening scene.

6. Memory

Whether you loved or hated Cats, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard this song at some point. Though people might only recognize its lyrics, it became associated with the play too quickly. For those unaware, it’s the song that goes like this, “Touch me, it’s so easy to leave me, all alone with memory.”

5. We Don’t Talk About Bruno

This is the song that even those who haven’t watched Encanto yet know of Encanto. It’s just that phenomenal, and it topped several charts as well.

The song enumerates the reasons why one should not talk to Bruno, citing reasons such as he could seal one’s fate because of his clairvoyance.

4. Let It Go

Ah, yes, who wouldn’t forget this song from Frozen? It was the song that everybody was listening to during the winter of the said year and even the most memorable song from the whole movie.

The song talks about Elsa’s struggle to contain her powers, but she eventually decides to release them out to let them go naturally.

3. My Heart Will Go On

This song from Titanic had ascended to levels even farther than what the movie had achieved. It had become the sad love song of departure and is continuing to be played in this context even though the movie was more than 25 years old as of the time of writing.

Nowadays, if people hear the song, they would often think of Jack and Rose on the deck of the Titanic, with Rose stretching her arms sideward.

10 Movie Soundtracks That Became Synonymous With Their Movies

credit: The Greatest Showman

2. A Million Dreams

There may be a lot of contenders for the song that most resonated from The Greatest Showman. It could be This is Me or Rewrite the Stars as well.

However, A Million Dreams took the spot because of the message and the impact that it left on the world. It was a song about achieving one’s dreams and the perseverance to attain them.

1. See You Again

This song is played in the ending scene of Furious 7. It was a culmination of all the memories and adventures the Furious crew had with the late Paul Walker, who passed away during the show’s filming. After the movie was played worldwide, this tribute song became one of the most successful songs of 2015.

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