Here are the Main Reasons Minions are So Popular

Here are the Main Reasons Minions are So Popular

Here are the Main Reasons Minions are So Popular

They look vaguely like Twinkies with arms and legs, and talk in a language that only they seem to comprehend, and yet they are one of the most popular phenomenons to come along in the last decade. Some describe their success as an annoying fad that needs to go away finally, while many others have fully embraced these lovable little Tic-Tac-shaped figures. There’s no doubt what they’re all about, they help out any evil genius that they figure is worth their time. From the dawn of creation to the current time they have existed only to serve someone that is inherently smarter, crueler, and more inclined to exhibit a dominant persona. Why they continue to stick with Gru is kind of odd but they seem to like him.

Anyway, here’s a few reasons why the minions seem to be so popular.

They don’t have an agenda.

This might seem like an odd statement but it’s very true. The minions really don’t have any big evil plans of their own. They’re completely reliant on whomever they’re following to give them guidance and show them what needs to be done. Granted they do tend to do some things on their own but without guidance it doesn’t always go the way they want. Plus anyone that takes them on as helpers really needs to watch what kind of assistance they accept from the minions. Remember the caveman and the grizzly bear?

They’re set to please everyone and anger no one.

It’s not a very realistic ideal for any film character but the truth of the matter is that the minions are pleasers. They would much rather make someone’s life a little easier than do anything to make them unhappy. The entire reason they exist is to help others and they really don’t seem to have an evil bone in their body. If anything they’re playful and like to have a good time. Come on, if they were really evil do you think that Gru’s three girls would have ever been safe with them?

They’re uniquely marketable. 

From putting their likeness on Amazon boxes to Tic Tacs, Minions are the hottest thing in Hollywood right now because they go with almost everything. They’ve attempted nearly every marketing gimmick they possibly could with Minions, rivaling Ms. Kitty products without stopping to take a breath. Minions are without any doubt at all one of the most popular sidekicks to ever come out of a movie where they weren’t even the main star. Their fame has catapulted them into internet stardom, movie fame, and worldwide renown as almost everyone could tell you who the minions are. They might have more trouble telling you about Gru than they would Kevin, Bob, and Stuart.

The minions were the sideshow to Gru in Despicable Me but have swiftly been outgrowing him as they’ve continued to rise in their meteoric fashion. I do believe a lot of people might have gone to see Despicable Me 2 and 3 largely for the minions, with a few people paying attention to Gru and his supporting cast. The truth of the matter is that the minions are the real story behind Despicable Me and will likely outlast Gru and the others when it comes to future projects.


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