10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tennille Moore

No one is complaining about the new situation on Netflix. After the world was introduced to the lovely ladies, and the men, of “Selling Sunset,” we were so excited to see that the streaming service recognized that they had such a good thing and pulled out all the stops to make it happen across the country in Tampa. “Selling Tampa,” is another version of the original, and the spinoff is proving to be as good as the original. Fans cannot get enough of the men and women who are selling luxury real estate across the country, and the lovely ladies of Allure Realty in Tampa, Florida, are just a handful of the amazing and beautiful women doing this job so well. It’s time to get to know the cast more in-depth, which means we have all you wanted to know about Tennille Moore right here.

1. She is 45

One thing that fans notice about her instantly is that she is not as young as some of the other agents on the show, and that is a good thing. She’s 45, and she has more life experience than many of the other women, and that makes her quite good at what she does.

2. She is a Mother

She is a very proud mother, and she happens to be the mother of three lovely children. Her kids are her life, and she does all she does for them. To raise them, to give them a good life, to set a good example, for them, and to show theme that you can do anything you want to do if you do the work.

3. She is Almost Local

She’s not from Tampa, but she might as well be from the Bay. She was born and raised in Sarasota, which is just a hop, skip, and jump south of Tampa. She’s local enough that she knows the area in and out, and she’s spent a lot of time there.

4. She Had a Big Job

Prior to her decision to enter real estate as an agent, she did big things in a different profession. Moore was the legislative assistant for the Florida House of Representatives. She began that job in 2005 and remained in that position until she took the role of Chief Legislative Assistant for the State of Florida in 2016.

5. She is a CEO

Her Instagram biography lists her as a woman who does a lot more than just real estate. She’s also a certified credit repair specialist, and she is the CEO of a company called CreditPro Repair. She’s clearly a woman who enjoys working hard and doing what she loves.

6. She is Largely Private

One thing that seems noticeable about her right away is her desire to maintain as much privacy as she can. She does not share too much online outside of a few things for work and some quotes that her followers might find inspirational, and that’s a big deal. She might find that this changes the more famous she becomes, but we don’t know yet.

7. Her Oldest Daughter is 22

The one thing we can see to find out about her family is that her oldest daughter is a young woman who is quite smart. She’s a student at the University of Florida, which is one of the best and more prestigious schools in the state. She’s also 22, which means her mother gave birth to her first at the age of 23.

8. She Goes Above and Beyond

Her gift is an obvious one. She is the type of woman who does whatever it takes to win over a client and make things work. She always goes further than she needs to go to ensure she does the job to the best of her ability, and her clients are not complaining.

9. She Might be Single

We honestly cannot verify whether this is true, but she seems to come across as single. We cannot find a husband or any photos that lead us to believe otherwise, but she’s also a very private woman. We have a feeling that if she doesn’t want us to know she’s taken, then we will not know.

10. She’s Successful

She’s not just a pretty face at a brokerage. She’s a smart woman, and she is a successful woman. According to some reports online, she’s succeeded in selling luxury homes that cost more than $5 million, which is not a laughing matter. She’s clearly good at what she does, and she is clearly someone who loves what she does.

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