Meet the Cast of “Selling Tampa”

Meet the Cast of “Selling Tampa”

Meet the Cast of “Selling Tampa”

When Netflix brought us the gem that is “Selling Sunset,” we had no idea what to expect. Following a group of realtors through the luxury real estate industry sounds interesting enough, but we had no idea just how interesting this show would become. Now the network has introduced a new version of the series called “Selling Tampa,” and we could not be more excited about every moment of it. Tampa, Florida, is beautiful. It’s a Gulf Coastal city on Tampa Bay with quick access to the Gulf via cities such as Clearwater and St. Petersburg, and it’s an underrated area. It’s clean, it’s lovely, it’s friendly, and it is filled with some of the most beautiful homes and property imaginable. Now that the show is filming here and we get to see the real estate world in Tampa, we are all excited. It’s time to get to know the cast – the group of women who work to sell the homes in the area to new clients – and who they are. Will they be as amazing as the women of Selling Sunset, or will they be even more so? We cannot wait to meet these women, but here is a little bit of information to get you started learning who they are, what they do, and what you can expect from each of these successful real estate agents, brokers, and badass businesswomen.

Sharelle Rosado

She’s 33, and she owns her own brokerage. She is the woman behind Allure Realty. She spent some time working as an exec assistant for the army, but she was feeling as if her life should take a different direction. She wasn’t wrong. She is engaged and preparing for her wedding to the NFL’s Chad Johnson (Ochocinco). She’s also pregnant with her fourth baby at the moment.

Juawana Colbert-Williams

She is a California girl who made her way to Tampa later in life. She lived in LA, and her grandfather owned apartment complexes. She learned the real estate business and has been making it her own for many years now, and she’s proud of the work she does. She works closely with Allure’s Sharelle, and she is one of their best agents.

Alexis Williams

She’s an agent who is known for her personality. She’s rumored to be the most compassionate woman around, but she’s a shark when it comes to her negotiations. She might not be a professional in the marketing industry, but she’s creative enough to market homes so well that they sell quickly and for more than they are listed for.

Karla Giorgio

She’s always been into sales. She was born in Venezuela, she moved to Orlando with her family, and her dad bought a car dealership. She worked as a salesperson at the dealership when she was all of 16, and she’s always been into the business. She chose to focus on real estate, and it’s already taking her places.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere

She spent the first half of her career working as an accounting, but now she’s a real estate agent. She’s been awarded for her hard work and dedication to the job many times throughout her career. She’s built lasting relationships with her clients, and they bring her more work than she could have imagined when she was first planning her career in this industry.

Rena Frazier

She graduated from college in Tampa at USF, and she decided at the time she’d go to law school. However, she later decided that real estate is where it’s at for her, and she has been in the real estate business since 2018. She is has such a passion for helping others, and finding them a home to call their own is one thing she’s always loved doing.

Colony Reeves

She’s a lifelong Tampa resident. She is into wealth building and helping her clients find homes and investment properties that will help their portfolios grow and succeed. She is especially good at what she does, and she is one of the most sought-after realtors in her market.

Tennille Moore

She might not be from Tampa, but she was born and raised just south of the city in Sarasota. She is a lifelong Floridian with so much to offer her clients in terms of her knowledge of the city. She spent 16 years of her life in another career – she was the Chief Legislative Assistant for the state. She’s wise and knowledgeable, and she always puts her three kids and her family before all else.the network has introduced a new version of the series

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