Bill Nighy to guest star on ‘Doctor Who’ « TVOvermind

It’s unfair to label Bill Nighy by just one role. He’s probably most well-known for his role in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film series, in which he appeared as the tentacle-bearded demonic sailor Davy Jones. He’s much, much more diverse than that one role would suggest however. He’s taken romantic turns in Love Actually and The Girl in the Cafe, comedic turns in Shaun of the Dead and The Boat That Rocked (known in the U.S. by the title Pirate Radio). He’s even set to appear in the final Harry Potter film as new Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour.
And you can also expect him to appear in an episode of Doctor Who’s fifth series. Sure, it won’t be his biggest role, but it will certainly be gratifying for Who fans to get another A-list actor to appear on the popular series.
Nighy will make an appearance in the tenth episode of the new season, in which he will play the curator of a Vincent van Gogh exhibition. The episode, which apparently will center around Van Gough (played by The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’s Tony Curran). The episode, titled “Vincent and the Doctor,” will be written by Richard Curtis (who wrote the aforementioned Love Actually and The Boat That Rocked). Curtis’ involvement might actually be why Nighy agreed to appear in this particular episode.
Nighy will appear as “a van Gogh expert with some similar fashion choices to The Doctor himself.”
It’s unknown which time period Nighy’s character will appear in, as the episode is split between two settings: 19th century France and the present. The episode will also allegedly feature Van Gough “stabbing a monster.”
“It was a real coup to get Bill Nighy in Doctor Who, especially in Richard Curtis’s amazing episode,” a set insider reported to online news reporter Digital Spy.

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