The Incredible 30-Day Journey Of A Cargo Ship In A Timelapse

The Incredible 30-Day Journey Of A Cargo Ship In A Timelapse

The Incredible 30-Day Journey Of A Cargo Ship In A Timelapse

It’s easy  to not think about how the materials and goods we enjoy get around, but when you look at this timelapse of video of a cargo ship’s 30-day journey you get a better idea of how long it takes and why you should really appreciate what you get. The voyage is nothing short of spectacular and the scenery, aside from being a lot of open ocean, is just magnificent. The type of images that the vlogger and sailor, Jeffrey Tsang, manages to capture is  flat out awesome.

Watching this video you can almost feel a sense of loneliness and isolation when they’re on the open sea, a sense that there is no boundary in sight, no well-defined spot that they might call home or even a friendly port. The vastness of the wide open ocean is in many ways easy enough to imagine as a terrifying and desolate place, but upon a ship one can easily take comfort that there is a sense of purpose and a means of returning to one’s home port if only for a short while.

Besides, one has only to look up if they want to truly be entertained as they can watch the passage of the sun, the formation of the clouds, and the always interesting thunder and lightning storms that seem fairly common in several regions of the world. Plus, coming into port seems to have its points of interest as well since the traffic tends to increase the closer one comes to port. In Hong Kong especially the traffic is quite thick as ships are coming to and from the docks as they are unloaded and then loaded with new cargo.

Plus, a place such as Hong Kong seems to be rife with fishermen and its fair share of customs and police vessels that are there to insure that everything is on the up and up and that ships are of course following all safety protocols. The photography shows just about everything within the scope of the lens and it’s very revealing about what goes on and how mundane the process might seem no matter that it’s a lot of work on many different levels.

Some people might look at this video for a matter of a few second and decide that it’s not moving fast enough for them or that it’s showing something they’re not interested in. Really and honestly it’s more for those that are fascinated with the goings on that we almost never think about, which is why I found it so very interesting. Life out on the open ocean is far more dynamic than one would think and the action that happens within the skies is far more fluid and always changing than it might seem on land. That seems so inherently interesting that it’s tempting to take a cruise at the moment and stay out at sea for a while. Oh to be rich and be able to do so. Or to be a sailor and get to enjoy the wide open vistas such as this.


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