10 Things You Didn’t Know about Scarlet Ayliz

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Scarlet Ayliz

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Scarlet Ayliz

When Scarlet Ayliz auditioned for American Idol, she had to be honest with the judges. She’d been there before. In fact, she was someone who came onto the show, she was chosen, and then she dropped out. Why? Because she was a minor with poor grades and her parents – and good for them – believed her grades came first. She was forced to come home, buckle down, and focus on her schoolwork, which paid off when she successfully graduated high school (with honors!) and is now fulfilling her dream of being the next American Idol. She was chosen to make it to the top 24, and she continues to wow each of the judges with her talented voice and her beautiful lyrics. Will she go all the way? We don’t know yet, but we do know these things about her.

1. She is Young

She’s only 18, and she is making some serious waves on American Idol. Luke Bryan himself told the young starlet that she has the voice of a superstar, which is a huge compliment when you are working with someone who knows a thing or two about being a successful musician.

2. She is Close to Her Grandmother

She is close to her grandmother. In fact, it was her grandmother who came with her to her audition, and it was the sweetest thing. She wanted Lionel Richie to know that she is a huge fan, and he came out to meet her grandmother following the moment he gave her granddaughter a golden ticket to Hollywood.

3. She’s From Connecticut

She’s a Hartford woman. She grew up in the area, and she is going to make her hometown proud when she makes it big. She already did, and they are undoubtedly cheering her on at home when she is on television every week.

4. She Was on the Show Before

She actually made it to the show before when she was only 17, but she actually left. She is a drop out, to be precise. She was not doing well in school, and her family decided she needed to graduate more than she needed to be a superstar. She had to go home and get her grades up. Worry not, though, she ended up graduating with honors.

5. She Plays Piano

Anyone who can play an instrument and sing with such ease at the same time is a star. My own husband can’t even drive and carry on a conversation at the same time or he will drive right past home. It’s a gift, honestly. She can sing, she can play, and she has a voice that is so similar to Alicia Keys that she is bound to be a star.

6. She is a Writer

Did we say she’s a singer and she is a piano player? Well, she’s also a songwriter. When she auditioned for the show, she did so by singing her own original song. It is not something they see often, but she made it work.

7. She is Following Her Mother’s Footsteps

Her mother was also a singer, but she couldn’t perform. From what we understand, her mother suffered from too much stage fright, which does not appear to be a problem her daughter has. Her love of music comes from her mother, and she is making it her own.

8. She Attended Music School

When she was in middle school, she wanted to join a school for the arts. She wasn’t interested in doing anything other than honing her craft, so that’s what she did. She transferred to a school that is all abou the arts, and she was able to take voice lessons, too.

9. Her Faith is Important

Her music is important, but it’s her faith that is the most important to her. Her faith in God is what helps her get through life and navigate it with such ease. She puts Him first always, but she will tell you without hesitation that Beyonce is a close second.

10. She Has a Following

At only 18, she has quite a following on the Instagram page she created for herself. She has more than 11.4k followers, and this has allowed her to become someone who is a bit of a hometown star. She can do big things, and she’s already proving she has what it takes. Her page is mostly dedicated to her role on this show right now, but we imagine she will always keep it about her work from this point on.

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